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Brain Tumor/Surgery My Recovery Story: Chapter 4 - The Surgery

Updated on April 7, 2011

I don’t remember
much of my surgical experience or hospital stay. Mostly what I remember is surreal snippets and huge feelings of gratitude. I was giddy with gratitude.

Gratitude for my husband son and sister in sight when I regained consciousness.
Gratitude for remembering who I was.
Gratitude for the United Nations assemble of nurses and attendants.
Gratitude for the little button which dispensed drugs.
Gratitude for ice.
Gratitude for water.
Gratitude for surgical team who told me that they would take good care of me and did.
Gratitude for the surgeon who was a fighter who fought valiantly on my behalf.

By the time I left I was sure that everyone on the hospital staff thought I was from a foreign country because the only words out of my mouth were THANK YOU. THANK YOU.. THANK YOU.

I was dismissed from the hospital less than 48 hours from the time the surgery was completed. I was kind of dazed when the Doctor came in and said I could go home. I am not sure I heard him correctly as I was focused on lunch—my first ordered meal. Suddenly I surfaced from my Yum Yum thoughts as he began to tell me about the operation. He said that when they opened up my skull, the tumor wasn’t there. He said he became very concerned when he couldn’t see it. No duh was my thought!

It appears that the tumor instead of being on the outside of my brain as everyone thought was tucked underneath a portion of the brain between my eye brows .  As the doctor was telling me how he had had to lift the brain out of my head and that it had been a very arduous operation,  I was going between “Uuoo Gross” and “Freaked Out”. Then he said that the good news was that they were able to remove all of it plus all of its tentricles AND I COULD GO HOME. 

As I was thanking God with both hands. He said that he had been asking God for divine inspiration every step of the way and with those words left. After he left the nurse came in and said, “Did I know he was a minister?” Who’d a thunk that I would have the good fortune to not only have a great physician, a great fighter, but someone who knew how to pray real good as well!

Later I was relaying this story to my friends and we were wondering if perhaps there had been two tumors and the one we had been focusing on hid the one underneath… perhaps our work had dissolved that one so the second could be revealed! No one will know for sure. But I can tell you that I am very thankful for everything.


End Chapter Five
"Always say Thank you.  It is good for the soul."
Many years
ago I was friends with a delightful Native America man named  Beaverchief.  He was a Northwest Coast Shaman and a story teller.  As we meandered through life he would share tidbits of his culture and one tidbit was that his people always said “thank you”.  If something was really good they would raise both hands heart high and while moving the hands up and down say “THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU”. If something was okay, they would raise their left hand shoulder high and say “Thank You, Thank You. Thank you”.  If something was awful and icky they would bring their right hand  up near their mouth and in a kinda screechy voice say “thank you, thank you, thank you”.
My gratitude was so supreme after the surgery that it was the full double hand.  I still remember the heavenly taste of the ice and then water.  It was better than anything I had every tasted before in my life.  My husband, nurses and attendants were kept busy filling water pitchers and emptying you know what.

"It’s always helpful to have the BiG GuY on Your Team! "
There is so
much conflict in this world about God or the Supreme Being or the Creator or whom to pray to and how to pray.  I have always taken the position that if anyone is going to pray for me and ask assistance on my behalf, I certainly wasn’t going to be concerned on how and to whom.  I have never been concerned about the differences found in any  Religion.  I have focused on the threads of Truth that run through them all.  And one truth I have found is Love. Love yourself and Love each other as you Love your self. For me this is the road to peace.  It is my way to align myself with the BiG GuY, bringing forth all of his Earth Angels.  It is how Iattained a state of peace through out this experience.


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