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Updated on August 22, 2009


PROLOGUE, Epilogue and Dedications


In May of 2007 I had a brain tumor surgery – a significant life event for sure. I wrote this book and published it within 4 months of the surgery. Since then I have been sitting on the material as I felt no one really would care to hear about my personal journey. Today I feel that assumption was wrong.

The first reason is that there are many of you out there facing similar challenges. I read recently that 1 out of 4 of us will get a brain tumor sometime during our lifetime. At the time of my surgery I had no idea that there were so many of us. I figured the tumor in my brain was a freak event.

The second reason is that events such as this aren’t only about us. A disease of this magnitude dramatically impacts our family and friends as well. They need help figuring out how to cope with all of the stuff going on as well. These are horrible statistics! The numbers of us affected are mind-boggling!

The third reason is that I was blind sighted, and again most of you are too. I had no symptoms and went in for a routine exam and was told that I had a brain tumor and needed surgery NOW or drooling and death would be the alternative. In moments like this we are faced with a numbing life/death/altering decision and are urged to make this life altering decision in nanoseconds.

My head swirled as my life seemed to spin out of control. My book is about how I stopped the spinning and took control of an out of control situation.

BrainStorm or Total Recovery is comprised of 21 Lessons I experienced through out the course of this event. These lessons aided me in taking control of my destiny and life. I offer these lessons to you in hopes you will find something that may help you deal with the challenges of your journey. There are eight chapters in all. At the end of each article or chapter there is a link button to the next chapter.

Wishing each of you the best.



It has now been 3 1/2 months since my surgery. I am finished with this chapter of my life and am ready to move forward into my new life. Trauma such as this can only change one’s life. This for me was a challenge, which I had no control over, only how I chose to embrace it.

In retrospect this was a wake up call— An event which reminded me of why I am here on this planet, at this time and place we all call NOW. There are so many things which I am extremely grateful for, one of which is the “Timing of Things” and having been able to set up the perfect environment for my healing, growth and change.

I realize now how prepared I was for this ordeal, how supported I was and how free I have become. Janis Joplin once sang, “Freedom is a place where you have nothing left to lose.” Fear was keeping me from freedom. Peace and serenity I have strived for my whole life— now it is mine. During the recovery I was told over and over again how much ahead of the healing curve I was. I didn’t know about that because I never took the time to see how others healed and compared myself to that standard. I do know my healing was perfect for me and it was a direct result of creating the perfect set up for me.

My job now is to just settle into the new me—letting go of that which no longer serves. Patience replacing should haves… must do’s. Stepping into the flow and embracing what the universe provides will be my only challenge.

I thank you all and supremely hope that this book helps you face and learn from your challenges. Shine bright, my beautiful friends. The dark night skies have need of our brilliance. May all of you have visions not clouded by fear.

This book is dedicated to my husband who was by my side for three and one half months 24/7. He was my rock, my guide post, and laughing Buddha—Without his care, reassurance that all was well and repeatedly telling me that I was healing spectacularly when I had doubts; I would have been a weeping lump on the floor. Without his presence I would have suffered greatly and healed more slowly. My champion, I love you.

To my friend Laurie Cloud who for two months prior to surgery did healing work with me, thus creating the perfect “Set Up” for a magical recovery and an easy transition to the new me and life ahead.

To my son and sister whose presence helped lift my spirit and made my heart soar. Just hearing your voices and seeing you was a blessing from God.

To all of my family and friends who continually reminded me of how much love there is in the universe. Their actions and words kept me afloat on the surface of thetsunami wave that I was riding.

And to all of you who are reading this now and are facing a supreme challenge… may you do so with grace, courage and peace

Peace and Love To You All,


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