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Braziilian Curative Powers

Updated on May 27, 2014

Brazilian Curative Power

Volume 6, Issue 13, May 27, 2014

One of the most beautiful and luscious landscapes along the Amazonian Jungles and regions is Brazil, known for its outstanding ecosystems and gorgeous tribal indigenous people. Unfortunately, conflicts continue today with the European invasion and the slavery of indigenous people due to conflict over land ownerships and colonists.

Brazil has many natural herbal remedies and alternate medicines that it actually compliments the Brazilian Natural Pharmacy. Its rainforest is vast and there are many unexplored regions of the Brazilian Rainforest. Image the vastness of the South-Eastern coasts and the uninhabited landscape where no human has entered or touched. The seasonal changes fluctuate so much between these tropical rainforests that they actually have cooler temperatures and are very different from the Amazonian Rainforest where the temperatures fluctuate from cold to extreme heat and humidity. Each rainforest is different and the species of plants, shrubs, trees, forest, and animals vary from rainforest to rainforest and are distinct in there variety and region. Brazil and the Brazilian Rainforest include the majority of the Amazon and is the most bio-diverse country in the world. The forest area alone is a massive 477,698,000 % of Forest. It is home to 56,000 species of plants, 1700 species of birds, 578 mammals, and numerous amphibians and reptiles.

The sheer mass of the Brazilian rainforest is extraordinary and includes the most variety in forests including savannas, deciduous forests, and seasonal forests. Incredible as that may seem there are different varieties of forest areas. The Brazilian rainforest maintains six Biomes. So what exactly is Biomes? According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary a Biomes is a major ecological community type (as a tropical rain forest, grassland, or desert). It is the largest geographic biotic unit, a major community of plants and animals with similar requirements of environmental conditions (


Suma otherwise known as Brazilian Ginseng is a botanical herb that grows on a shrub like vine and has yellowish white blooms. This herb name means, “For all things.” This herb is a very powerful alternate medicine in improving the immune system.

The medicinal uses are exactly like its namesakes, it is for all things. The herb has been clinically proven to help with circulation, the immune system, ulcers, memory, cancer, impotence, anemia, arthritis, high blood pressure, infertility, diabetes, circulatory issues, arteriosclerosis and toxic substances. The herb was clinically confirmed by researchers in Japan to aid in anti-cancerous activities therefore, it actually does engage most of the bodily systems to combat diseases and toxins in the body system.


Taheebo is also known as Lapacho and Pau d’Arco it is a beautiful and vibrant flowery herb or tree that has bright vibrant purple and gold floral and grows in upwards of 100 feet in height. It also grows in regions that have high elevations like the Andean ranges, but is not exclusive to the high elevation and could be found in low areas of Brazil. The trees are massive and just as beautiful as their height. There floral blooms are truly gorgeous and the tree is used in its entirety for herbal remedies and alternate treatments.

The indigenous Indian tribes of the region engage this tree species in the treatment of cancer, ulcers, diabetes, prostatitis, gastritis, skin disorders, fungal infections, ringworm, hernias, viral infections, bacterial infections, fever, and blood related treatments or remedies. Herbalists and Shamans engage this product in cures for all of the above ailments. It is used in religious rituals and in teas and skin treatments to aid in the treatment process. The tree is an extraordinary metabolizing agent in producing oxygen to the body and helps inhibit growth of tumors. Highly rated for its antibiotics and free radicals that combat diseases.

“Una de Gato” or its English translation, “Cat’s Claw.” Is a wonderful traditional herb used by both herbalist and Shamans alike for its curative properties ( or (


This species of tree grows along the South American region and of course in the rainforests of Brazil. It beongs in the same family of the Coca plant and grows abundantly in the region. It is a small tree that has and bears a small oval shaped fruit and blooms yellow and orange flowers.

The medicinal uses or engagement of this tree are for HIV/Aids treatment and infections. It is a hearty and powerful combatant against the Aids virus and enables the immune system to combat pathogens in the body. It is also used or engaged in prostate gland and E-Coli treatments or remedies.


This herbal plant reaches heights of four to five feet and is a shrub. This particular shrub has a long traditional history and is very popular among the Shamans of the region and is one of the few regarded as regal in the Amazonian folk medicines.

Medicinal remedies include engagement of this shrub for baldness, diabetes, mumps, cancer, hair tonics, rheumatism, bladder infections, immune-system treatments, and is one of the most sought and used in inducing neuron impulses or reactions to actively engage the bodily systems. It is used to induce the muscles and movement to aid the patient.


This plant is a shrub that grows about to a foot in height and is narrow with white floral blooms. It also bears afruits and the most use comes from the root of this shrub. It was discovered by a Portuguese monk who engaged the herb to treat queasiness and vomiting.

Some of the other medicinal uses include depression, bronchitis, poisoning, vomiting, queasiness, blood related issues, coughing, migranes, and heart failure.


This plant is a climbing shrub and is used in conjuction with other herbs as a paste and additive to other products we also talked about it in (


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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