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Brazil's Brazen Glory

Updated on June 2, 2014

Brazil’s Brazen Glory

Volume 6, Issue 14, June 2, 2014

As the beat of the drums beat through the Amazonian Jungles and regions the rhythm of the Carnival in its exotic dance with the forces of nature and the tribal nation of Amazonian jungles permeate and waif an exotic blend. The herbs, plants, and trees dance with the Samba beats of this exotic and rhythmic nation. The Brazilian culture is exotic and beautiful, vibrant and colorful in its amazing energy. All of the energy (Oxygen) that Brazil receives and emits with moving and luscious rainforests is within its beautiful borders. The sheer vastness and plentiful herbal and natural remedies with amazing curative powers is in its rainforest canopies.

A bolero was danced and intertwined in nature in this vast country.


Also known as:

  1. Balsam Copaiba
  2. Copaiba
  3. Copal
  4. Jesuit’s Balsam
  5. Mal-dos-sete-dias

Is an oversized plant grown in the tropical regions of Brazil and grows up to 60 feet to 100 feet in height. It is a rubber tree that emits a thick resin that is used for many different products and essential oils for the skin, face, and medicinal remedies.

The tree grows and produces white petite floras and the entire tree is used for herbal remedies. The tribal nations of the Rio Solimos northwest of Amazonia apply and engage this tree in many different remedies.

Some of the medicinal engagements for this product include bronchitis remedies, sinusitis, anti-inflammatory agents, stomach ulcers, cancers (breast, colon carcinoma, melanoma, and leukemic cell cancer), aching throats, and inflammation.

This product is engaged in many different products including shampoos, massage oils, and natural treatments.

There have been clinical studies undertaken in 2002 in Brazil that show highly effectual application and response as high as 90% of effect on healing and treatments.


Also known as:

  1. American Wormseed
  2. Feather Geranium
  3. Goosefoot
  4. Jerusalem oak
  5. Jesuit tea
  6. Stinking weed

This spikey looking plant looks like a marijuana plant and could be confused with one on sight. A beautiful and green spikey leaf protrudes from its stems and is about five feet in height.

The medical engagement for this plant is combat in the intestinal tract to treat worms, roundworms, and parasites. It is also engaged for asthma, coughs, wounds, arthritis, bronchitis, menstrual problems, and hemorrhoids.

Muira Puama

Also known as:

  1. Marapuama
  2. Muira puama
  3. Potency Wood
  4. Potenzholz

This plant is a bush or small tree that grows about 15 meters and has white petite floras like those of jasmine.

Medicinal engagement and treatments for dyspepsia, menstrual problems, muscle problems and paralysis, viral infections, appetite problems, depression, and alcoholic treatment.

Clinical trials have resulted in enhanced libido and aid in curing nervous system conditions.


Is a tree grown in the rainforest of Brazil that grows about 300 feet to 90 meters and produces a fruit and floral blooms that emit a flowery fragrance.

Medicinal engagements include circulation of blood, pain remedy, fever treatment, insect bites, skin problems, arthritis, and coughs.


This shrub grows in the lower basin of the Amazon basin. Its fruits contain caffeine (coffee beans) and are used for products like Coca-Cola and the Pepsi-Cola companies.

Medicinal engagement include depression issues, migraines, tension headaches, diarrhea, obesity, heart disorders, high blood pressure, exhaustion, fevers, and cramps.

Acai Berry

  1. Also Known as:
  2. Acai
  3. Cabbage palm
  4. Guasai
  5. Hasabis
  6. Jicara
  7. Manac
  8. Naidi
  9. Palisade pine
  10. Sale
  11. Uassi
  12. Wasai
  13. Yuyu chonta

This wonderfully flavored fruit that is produced from a palm tree. Is beautifully ornate with purplish-blue beads that are Acai fruit or berries. One of the most wonderful organic products produced by this flavorful acai berry is Sambazon Organic Smoothies.

This fruit is the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world that is high in free-radicals and nutrients. It contains all of the essential elements to combat cardiovascular issues, aging, detoxification, cancer, blood related issues, and the immune system.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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