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Breakfast Recipes for Pregnancy Diet

Updated on October 15, 2012

Breakfast Recipes for Pregnancy Diet

Now, even more than before you were pregnant, it is so important to start your day off by giving your body what it needs in order to produce another strong, healthy human. There is no substitute for a healthy breakfast, but there are a few shortcuts (smoothie, anyone?) that we'll cover here, too.

· Spinach, mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet. Crack and whisk about three eggs (protein!) and pour into a non-stick pan over medium heat. Once the eggs begin to set, shake the pan (the egg should move freely in the pan). Dump your cheese (calcium!) and vegetable mixture (more protein! folate!) onto half of the omelet; slip a spatula under the empty side and carefully fold your omelet in half.

· Steel cut oats with brown sugar, apples and peaches. Cut half of an apple (fiber! vitamin A,C!) and half of a peach (vitamin C, lots of vitamin A!) into cubes and stir them into about a half serving of oats (fiber!). Cook the entire mixture about 45 seconds longer than the package directions on the oats, until they are at your desired consistency. Add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the hot oat mixture and stir until completely mixed.

· Peanut butter banana toast. There are very few things that complement one another as well as peanut butter and banana. To make this easy treat, simply toast your whole wheat bread (fiber!), slather some peanut butter (protein!) on top, and lay banana slices (potassium!) on top of that. For a slightly sweeter and mushier breakfast, microwave the banana slices for about 30 seconds. It brings out the sugars and makes them much softer. A dash of cinnamon on top leads to simple breakfast perfection.

· Tropical fruit smoothie. A good breakfast-on-the-go that keeps you on track with your pregnancy diet. Combine peeled and chilled slices of mango (tons of vitamin A! tons of folate!) cantaloupe (tons of vitamin A!), bananas (potassium!), grapes (vitamin A) and whatever else tastes good in a blender. If you don't want to add a lot of ice, it helps to slightly freeze the peeled, sliced fruit before blending. Add in some apple, grape, or orange juice to help the blend. Grab a straw!

· Greek yogurt with nuts and berries. Greek yogurt can be a tricky thing. Many varieties are high in saturated fat ("bad fat"), so it's best to carefully read the label and choose a low-fat variety. The benefits of Greek yogurt are that it is very high in protein and active cultures, so it will help your baby build tissues as well as aid in your digestive process. Try to get an unflavored variety, because you don't need all of the extra sugar and calories. Add lots of berries (vitamin C! vitamin A! folate!), whatever varieties you like, and some crushed nuts (protein!) for a little bit of crunch.

A healthy, nutrient packed breakfast is vital to your pregnancy diet; it will help kick your body into gear to start your day, and will help keep you energized until snack time. Breakfast can even help combat morning sickness. It can be tough to force food down when you're feeling sick, but the sooner you eat after you wake up, the faster morning sickness can subside. Breakfast is an important part of your pregnancy diet, and should not be skipped!


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