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Breakfast... Get Your Day Started Right

Updated on October 28, 2014

Are You Starting Right?

Do you find yourself skipping out breakfast because you just can’t prepare a satisfactory meal in the time allowed? Do you get into a habit of not making enough time in the morning to power up before you get out the door? Or do you not place the necessary importance on breakfast that you should?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above its really important that our morning eating habits and the importance of breakfast gets re-evaluated!

Breakfast and the Basic Benefits

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, not only because our moms said so, but because what we eat and when we eat has a vital impact on the manner in which our bodies kick start the internal furnaces known as our metabolism.

After your body has been dormant for a few hours, while you have been sleeping, your body starts to store away excess in the wrong kind of way. This is a “self-defence” mechanism as our body, not knowing when the next meal is to be had, moves into auto pilot mode which places away nutrients for future use and consumption.

It’s as though it goes into panic mode not knowing when the next meal is coming!

Breakfast...Your First Good Habit!

Having breakfast as soon as possible after you wake up is essential. Eating a well-balanced and healthy breakfast immediately after you wake up, stops your self-storage systems kicking into action and placing away the excess fat which in fact we want to burn away.

Having breakfast as soon as possible after we wake up also fires up your body’s internal furnace, which is your metabolism. This activates biological processes which increase the rate your body consumes calories and thereby eats through the nutrients stored up.

By getting into a good habit of eating breakfast every morning our body is trained to getting used to the regular supply of nutrients at the same time and moves away from the self-storage “auto pilot” mechanisms and accelerates the calorie burning through an invigorated metabolism.

Crucial Basics

So take these two vital points with you and hold onto them, make them a critical part of your Paradigm when it comes to breakfast!

Having the right meal for breakfast helps you in two ways:

1. It gives your body what it’s looking for so no fat is put away unnecessarily

2. It gives more fuel to the fire that will not only eat away at the fat for longer but also give you more energy that keeps you in step for the rest of the day.

So have a serious think about it and make time for breakfast, I know you will feel amazing for it.

Re-evaluate your start each and every day and make that extra effort to find a time for breakfast in the morning it’s invaluable and the long term benefits will be immense!


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