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The "Key" to Life

Updated on August 13, 2012

Truer words were never spoken than these lines from the Eagles song, "Already Gone".

People spend thousands of dollars every year trying to find the "key" that will unlock the locks to the "chains of life", that have them bound. And everyone seems to have the answer. Or at least an alternative. Just browse the list of titles on Amazon or Ebay, and you'll find hundreds, if not thousands of books, CD's, rituals and potions, that promise everything from how to break your addiction, to calling on departed spirits in the eternal realm to help you "figure it all out".

The self help industry is a billion dollar industry. Why is that? Why are we, as humans, made in God's own image, in need of so much help in determining WHO we are, and WHAT we're supposed to do in life? Why do we think that someone else holds the key that will unlock the chains that bind us? We buy and read books written by people we've never even heard of, yet think THEY know us better than we know ourselves! Why are we putting our mental and emotional health in the hands of total strangers? Why is it we can spend an hour in a psychiatrist's office telling him our deepest, most intimate thoughts, yet we can't sit down with our spouse and tell them what's bugging us? We are so dependent on everyone and everything else to solve our problems, that we don't even realize the key to breaking free from the chains that have a lock on our happiness, is within ourselves!

"....So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains..."

We are definitely bound and chained by so much in our lives. Our jobs, relationships, health and finances are all "chains" that entangle and restrict us - often to the point of mental suffocation. Emotions, especially love, hate, jealousy and anger, create iron-clad chains around our mind, heart and soul. Before long, we've imprisoned ourselves in these self-created chains, each one wrapped tightly around the other. And then it starts. The crazy, psychotic lunacy of searching high and low, far and wide, for the ONE key we think will magically unlock the lock on every chain and set us free! Some people even spend YEARS in deep therapy, or travel thousands of miles to rub a stone, drink magic water or be blessed by a statue, all in the name of unlocking the chains that bind them. I'm not knocking anyone's religious rites, beliefs or practices, but in searching out all these answers, it usually brings us all back to one place - ourselves.

"....and we never even know we have the key."

Okay, I'm going to tell you the secret right here to how you can find the key that will unlock the chains that are wrapped around your happiness and success. It's very profound and deep. Are you ready? The answer is summed up in two little words: LOOK WITHIN. Not exactly the answer you were expecting, was it? But its the only way you'll find the key.

Put down all that self-help stuff. Go find a quiet place in the woods, or sit by a country pond, walk down the beach at midnite - go anywhere its quiet and you feel close to nature and then just think about YOU. Don't be afraid to reach deep inside the cracks and crevices of your psyche and get in touch with your inner self. You don't need a psychiatrist to probe your subconscious - you can do it yourself! Don't be afraid of what you'll find. If its something negative, leave it there and keep searching til you find something positive. Take a trip down the paths of your heart and walk through those doors you've been afraid to walk through all these years! Look in your mind's eye and see what's staring back. Let your imagination take you by the hand and carry you to those places where until now, you've only dreamed of going! Explore the hidden caves and tunnels of your mind and see where they bring you out to. The key you're looking for is there - you've just got to search for it.

Let your mind carry you back to your childhood and remember what made you happy then. If you didn't have a happy childhood, think back to something in your life that DID make you happy. Think about what you liked to do, what your favorite smells, tastes and sights were. This is one time you can make it "all about you!". The key to your happiness is there - you've just got to search for it til you find it! It's not on a shelf at Barnes and Nobles in a self help book; or in a vial of some hokey pokey "magic potion". Its not on a leather couch in a ritzy psychiatrist's office, nor in a bottle of pink, blue or white pills. You've had the key the WHOLE time, and didn't even realize it! Your problems haven't held you prisoner - You've held YOURSELF prisoner! And you know why all that other self-help stuff hasn't helped? Because NO ONE or NOTHING ELSE holds the key - except YOU!!

In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, Polonius said to Laertes, "to thine own self be true." You can interpret that all kinds of ways, but I interpret it to mean that if you're true to the person you are inside, you will not go around life trying to act or be someone you're not; which is where alot of our self-created chains come from anyway! A good example is with our careers. Consider this. A young man may spend years in medical school to be a doctor because that's what HIS father was, and that's what HE wanted HIS son to be. So, the poor guy finally becomes a doctor, but is he is so miserable that he drinks badly, plays around on his wife, and gambles away all his money. He doesn't realize it, but he's creating chains in his life because he wasn't true to himself. Then he goes into a deep depression, starts long-term therapy and takes anti-depressants to cope. His wife is tired of his self-destructing behavior, so she divorces him and sues him for a substantial alimony. He no longer can function as a surgeon, so he loses patients, has to close his practice and in desparation and despair, takes his own life by jumping off a bridge. Okay, so maybe that is an extreme case, but the point is still valid. When we are not true to who we REALLY are inside, it can cause us to make poor decisions and wrong choices. As I said before, this is how we start creating those self-made chains that eventually restrict and choke the person we were really meant to be.

You CAN unlock and break free of the chains that are keeping you from true happiness and success. And you can do it today! Go back to your roots. Reach back and find that person you were meant to be, and then BE THAT PERSON, from this day forward, and on. If it means changing jobs, then change jobs. If it means dressing a different way, then go shopping. If it means taking a chance on someone, call them up. A lot of our chains are simply regrets because we didn't do what was in our hearts. To our own selves, we were not true. Once you find the YOU that you were meant to be, you'll find the key that unlocks the lock to every chain in your life!

So, how do you know when you've found the key? That's easy. Suddenly, you'll be overcome with an overwhelming peace; a perfect contentment, and a rock-solid confidence that THIS is the person you were intended to be. You'll feel every nerve in your body come alive with energy, life and endless joy! You may look around you and see that nothing has changed; yet EVERYTHING has changed. You have finally found the key, and the chains have been unlocked! You are FREE! Free to have all the happiness, success and abundance that you could ever want or need! Don't stay locked up in the chains of life's bondage; find the key to the person God made you, unlock the chains, and set yourself free!

"Well I know it wasn't you who held me down
Heaven knows it wasn't you who set me free
So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key" - lyrics, Already Gone - The Eagles


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      Chris mcdermott 5 years ago

      I love this blog! Gratzie!