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Breaking My Addiction to Being Me -- Inspired by Archaeology

Updated on January 19, 2020
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay
Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

A Weird Mental Athlete

Let me guide you somewhat metaphorically towards my present intimate reality which I like describing as the one of a mental athlete. I guess, that's what one becomes after some decades devoted to practices like self-hypnosis, meditation, depriving one's ego of its favorite foods, and basically defying one's spontaneity.

I mean spontaneity, which translated, boils down to slaving to one's automatic pilot programmed by an ever questionable cultural paradigm.

And now, since I have announced something like a dignified aspect of my uncommon passion -- let's call it weirdness just for fun -- let me start by unwrapping a rather common flip side of that weirdness.

I got my driver's licence at my age of 36, probably due to being "driven" already, but on some other road -- we often call it a path. Ever since, in this time span of 39 years, my driving record in both kinds of "traffic" has stayed pretty clean -- with no accidents, no parking or speeding tickets.

Namely, I skillfully avoided bumping into those who uninvited threw themselves in my way; I carefully insisted on not parking my personality where it was not its place; and, I avoided crazy highways, not really being in any hurry to make a big success out of myself.

And now, leaving my fun with this lengthy metaphor, let me surprise you by saying how my passion for outdoing the last year's model of me wasn't spurred by that rather common "dissatisfaction" with who I was.

Well, there is good -- better -- and the best, and I hardly ever in my adult life went bellow "good", with the "best" still remaining a mirage and an intellectual lure of a sort.

My inspiration to insist on a "better" came from a strange source -- archaeology, particularly that part of it which is hinting at the human origin, possibly having much to do with genetic engineering of our species done by some space people.

Here, I'm giving you a fair header about what is following -- so if you are a religious fundamentalist, or an evolutionist, or just a skeptic mocking anything "outlandish", feel free to look for something else to read.

Image by Lucas Prudil from Pixabay
Image by Lucas Prudil from Pixabay

Passion of Going Against the Grain

Due to something innate in my nature, I could never really buy into the slogan of "accepting myself as I am", or its other form of "going with the flow", which I readily replaced with the one that's saying: "It takes a dead fish to go with current, but an alive one to go against it".

In my case it meant a life long challenge of replacing what I was. But it took a whole new dimension after my initiation into those tantalizing enigmas of archaeology, coupled with the latest discoveries in the science of genetics.

Namely, those fine scholars came up with the news how our human genome has some genes which don't really belong to anything alive on this planet. Then some anthropologists continued tormenting me with their claim that humans were not really designed for life on earth.

Like, our primordial ancestors could not outrun their food, but were much more bound to become it. And then, there was that terrible gap in the "evolution", with the logical sequence being broken between those tribal primitive folks and those who built all those architectural marvels not repeatable by our modern technology.

You see what I mean?

I got hooked on the question of our true, hidden potential.

Then, as if all that evidence of an out of this world intelligence at work was not enough, I heard about those savants, or individuals with incredible mental abilities.

Einstein alone would be enough to make me scratch my forehead till it would bleed, but then, there was that case of an Indian woman who could allegedly multiply a seven digit number by another seven digit number -- in her head. It took the old model of computers quite some time to verify the result.

I saw those savants as a result of a genetic fluke, with those ET genes of a superior excellence seeking and finding a "crack" in a weaker section of the structure of animal's genes, something like an escape route for their expression.

Some musical geniuses of classical genre used to swear that they had gotten the whole composition at once like served to their mind from some source out there. "Out there" could mean out of their familiar mental processes. Or it could mean their ET genes serving as antennae for telepathic connection with who-knows-whom.

Wasn't it Nicola Tesla who also said that he was getting his ideas from "out there"?

As I am meditating, very often I am "told" some outlandish truths, but not in form of words, rather appearing as that "a-ha" experience of something unfathomable. When I wake up and try to verbalize it -- I can't, it's beyond my everyday mental repertoire.

So I started theorizing about all that, quickly coming up with the idea that we all have those abilities, but the frequencies of our animalistic genes inherited from our primordial "mother" Rhesus are outlouding the fine frequencies of our sperm-donor "father" from space.

Now, how is that for a little intellectual adventure.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A Strange Combination

That line of thinking satisfied my wondering why those advanced civilizations like Mayans, Inca, Egyptians, and others were so knowledgeable -- but so blood-thirsty at the same time.

Now, what's all that got to do with my mentioned quest of being a mental athlete? Was I trying to activate those ET genes in my genome? Well, whatever my ambitions might have been, I never went that far as to see myself becoming a self-made savant.

However, on a very small scale, somehow I never developed an interest in competing sports -- or competing at all -- politics, big money, all of which are just socially acceptable forms of a diluted animalistic arrogance, greed, need for power of an "alpha status" in the herd.

We even found some perverse excuses for killing each other in wars. Instead of an intelligently unified, collective effort towards national and global harmony, we invented antagonistic parties, ideologies, religions with different gods -- well, something to clash over since we might mess up our tuxedos by going for each others' jugular.

Indeed, those ET genes have been doing their best in our genome to give a dignified outlet and name for every aspect of our animalistic nature.

In short, the world inspired me more for what not to become than for what to become. As I am listening to Chopin's piano nocturne, I fancy that the ET in me is the one enjoying it. And, as I am, no matter how in a small way, resenting loud revving of a motorcycle down on the road being an outlet of idiot's cry for attention -- I see it as my animalistic knee-jerk response.

Observing these two aspects of my nature, and cultivating one while sabotaging the expression of the other, gives me an enormous pleasure -- if not an uncommon and out of box purpose of living.

Shamelessly, I will admit how in many, many instances I was ready to swear that I am not really of this planet. For, I could not understand so much going on in the name of "smartness", whether on individual, national, or global scale.

But, just like Tibetan monks have cultivated a genuine love for their Chinese oppressors, I am cultivating a genuine compassion, love, and understanding for my fellow humans. Not approving of so much of what I see, but not condemning it either, because that "mysterious" part of my awakening consciousness it telling me that conflicts of any sort are a cosmic stupidity.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

The Ever Teasing Taste of Mystery

Breaking my addiction to being myself -- as the title of this post was announcing -- basically means that only the animalistic part in me is insisting on sameness, and I am doing my best to snap out of that spell. Animals have their "programs" -- humans outgrow their limitations set by that finite model of being and functioning.

Moreover, it has been proven that diseases and conditions are symptoms of various personality profiles -- and as we unlearn being what we are, those diseases attached to it are gone as well. But it may take time for the medical dogma, firmly attached to pharmacology, to give up and place the full responsibility for our health into our own hands.

Will we heed the new message? Hmm, sometimes I wonder, witnessing the mental laziness as a sort of a global pandemic. So many of us will still prefer pecking on pills and lie down on the shrink's couch -- because it's easier.

There is always a better way to think, to feel, to respond to life. Neuroscientists are telling us how brain cells which fire together -- wire together, creating new neural pathways, new models of experiencing, virtually making our five senses report a different outer reality to us, maybe even with an aid from a budding sixth sense.

The Great pyramid of Giza was not created by someone who looked at the stone quarry and said: "It would be nice to cut huge blocks out of it and pile them up into a pyramid shape -- but, too bad, it's only a dream". Rather, it was built by a mental athlete of a special kind, the one who could use every second of his life knowing that "he CAN" -- and then it was manifested.

I mean the kind whose mind was not in a yo-yo game of oscillating between a divine and a beast-like nature -- but in a focus of an intent which, translated in quantum realm, meant a "god's command".

So often I think how we waste our precious available mental energy on impulses coming from our body's non-stop game of survival. We are not strong enough in our heads to somatize our mind's harmony into body's harmony -- but so proficient at turning our mental crap into psycho-somatic health issues. It's like we also enjoy having it in reverse by mentalizing our indigestions into a hate, our menstrual cycle into a PMS, our constipation into a depression, starvation of our groins into raping, and animalistic fear into arrogance.

So I spy on all that in myself, and as much as I can -- and I haven't become an Olympic mental athlete yet -- I refuse to identify myself with my body, my circumstances, my bank account, or by number of flattering comments readers may, or may not leave under my posts like this one.

And, while I may never find out who or what I really am -- at least I have a pretty good idea about who and what I am not. So, thank you archaeology, thank you genetics, thank you Chopin, and every other sign out there for that sweet taste of mystery.

For all those who suspect that I have lost my touch with reality -- I know I am Val Karas, a male human, living in Canada, and it's Saturday, November the 16th in the year 2019. How is that for a proof of sanity, LOL?

© 2019 Val Karas


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      12 months ago from Canada

      Dana -- I salute to your spiritual quest, crowned with the realization that ultimately we will find our truth wherever we are looking for it, guided by our soul's unique signature.

      And we'll find evidence for our truth everywhere we look, because it's our mind telling us what to see. So it's not that we believe because we saw -- but we saw because we first believed.

      And so it is in politics, religion, fashion, artistic and musical tastes -- and we can even prove completely opposite diets to be ideal for human consumption. Those super-healthy and calm yogis need only a couple hours of sleep at night -- and we, westerners, are told by our smartest doctors that we need 8 hours sleep at least to stay healthy.

      Who is "The" Authority to heed?

      Are we "right" by choosing our own way?

      Well, if it doesn't hurt us or anyone else, but also feels good, then who cares if it's "right". Who are supposed to be The Judges anyway?

      Indeed, who cares if our entire intimate reality is one outlandish dream -- as long as we are keeping a solid attachment to the world, making some sense in our interaction with it, nurturing mutually nourishing relationships, and cultivating love in our heart.

      So, let that beautiful and wise child in you keep guiding your intuition. Allow yourself to receive blessings, and they will come -- because all creation and all blessings start with you. You are at the cause, and you are at the end of the receiving line.

      Thank you for sharing the beautiful part of your world, Dana.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      12 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      As a child I was always so different from everyone else I knew. My peers, family just everyone. I would sit for hours and wonder what are we? Why are we really here? What, if anything, are we expected to fulfill in this earthly experience.

      I come from a family deeply rooted in religion but I thought differently. Meaning, I always knew there is something higher and whether we use religion to justify it or science didn't matter as much as understanding there is a source of wisdom that we either are born with and have to tap into or evolve into.

      I thought this way as a child and when I noticed that everyone else around me seemed to only concern themselves with things that were tangible I felt so weird I tried to be like them.

      That was the worst mistake I made because trying to "be like them" kept me in a survival mode that blinded me to my true potential; it's the humans who have the confidence to go against the grain or, swim upstream while everyone else is swimming downstream that makes a difference in this world.

      I am now the child I used to be, curious, open and not afraid to tell people " Sorry, that may be your way of thinking, or doing things but I don't agree with it." I'm not going to do things because everyone else is doing it but walking in my own truth.

      I said --My truth-- because it doesn't have to be everyone else's truth but it's my truth. I guard it, I own it, and I'm accountable for it. At the end of the day I can't continue to live on this earth like I'm not going to leave here someday because that is a truth we cannot deny. I had to learn to love me and appreciate me and I feel when you learn to love yourself, you will see yourself more as an individual instead of part of a pack; then, you put yourself in a position for growth.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      12 months ago from Canada

      John, my "Down Under" friend -- Isn't it funny how science tends to behave like a religion, not exploring anything that might shake its base, even when evidence is overwhelming.

      They are making themselves so obvious with their hidden agenda of keeping the population "informed-and-stupid", while allowing a progress in matters of technology, but not in matters which might advance our consciousness -- to inspire us for thinking out of the box dictated by medical, political, and religious dogmas.

      In the meantime, those megalithic monuments keep laughing at the mankind that's duped into their limitations by some "authorities".

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Val Karas 

      12 months ago from Canada

      Allen, my friend -- Reality is a tricky subject which I enjoyed satirizing one way or another. For, to so many folks nothing is real if it is not dealing with food, prices of gas, politics, and their next doctor's appointment.

      They are reducing reality to technicalities of living, so any theme calling for a deeper thinking finds them mentally incapable of including it into their model of reality.

      Hence that little humorous note at the end of my article.

      Well, here and there I will share my thoughts when I am not too busy just applying them, and reading my friends' comments will always be my deep pleasure. Thank you, Allen, for being one of them.

    • Aliswell profile image

      Allen Edwards 

      12 months ago from Iowa

      Val..My Friend

      I, for one..have never felt you have "lost" your touch with reality". You have, instead, provided me -- via the images created by your words -- a light, that may eventually illuminate, and allow me to touch...that of which I seek..REALITY!

      Welcome Back...My Friend!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      12 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Val, my friend it is always good to see a new post by you. When I do I know there will be some worthwhile reading involved and that my mind will get some much-needed exercise.

      I believe that ancient technology had to be influenced by some outside source, and I can't think of any alternative than an alien race. The pyramids of Egypt, the Mayans, Incas, Easter Island statues, the figures carved into the ground so as to be visible from space, and so many others. The common cave paintings, reliefs, sculptures of spacecraft, astronauts, the battery etc. All too unexplainable otherwise, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. You keep on questioning and striving to be the best, and I will keep reading and learning.


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