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Breast Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Patients

Updated on October 4, 2011

One of the things that make women afraid to face breast cancer is due to the possibility of the breast is removed (when the tumors classified as malignant).Or, the uterus must be removed when suffering from uterine cancer.This is certainly understandable.For them, can they be considered as a complete woman, if they do not have a uterus and breasts to give birth and breastfeed their child in the future.

Breast cancer affects more than 45,000 British women a year, and kills more than 1,000 women every month.Every year, about 12,000 women, including whose with inherited genes that make them have a high risk of getting this disease, underwent a mastectomy.

However, a revolutionary invention allows women to regrow breasts after breast removal surgery.This technique offers new hope for thousands of women every year who lose a breast due to a mastectomy.This new method will create a breast that looks and feels more natural, while also reducing the number of injuries.

New reconstruction techniques, the use of which will be disseminated in three years, resulting in the growth of breast tissue from about a teaspoon of the cell.The doctors in Australia who handles reconstruction surgery has been successfully tested it on animals, and plans to do so in women in the coming months.

Phillip Marzella, of Melbourne's Bernard O'Brien Institute, said, "We hope that this reconstruction technique will bring a significant influence on the world. We also wish that this will ease the sense of shockexperienced by women when they are diagnosed with breast cancer, knowing that he may be able to grow breasts again. "

According to team doctors, the reconstruction is carried out on pigs require 6 weeks to grow breasts.In women, breast tissue re-growth process is expected to occur in 6 to 8 months.

Not just breast cancer patients who would be happy to hear this news, but also the doctors themselves. Dr Sarah Cannot, from Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity in the UK, consider this a remarkable reconstruction effort."We know that losing a breast can affect women's self confidence, so that the new technique of breast reconstruction and the potential for repair, will certainly a welcome," he said.

Even so, Anthony Hollander, professor oftissue engineeringat Bristol University, warns, "The doctors should be able to demonstrate a technique that ensures that all cancer cells have been discarded, and nothing will grow in the process, so there should be removed . "


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