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Breast feeding for child health

Updated on January 26, 2012

Breast feeding

Breast feeding mothers experience closeness between her child that is both hormonal and emotional in nature. The feelings you get while you nourish your baby feeding breast and see grow is awesome.

Breast feeding is optimal source of nutrition for infants. The presence of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, sugars and fats are well balanced for child health.

UNICEF states that 1 million babies die every year as a result of being fed artificial formula.

Breast feeding has the following advantages listed below. it has many more advantages and it has effect of total human life but most important are discussed here.

1) Better digestive track function and protection from digestive tract infection such as diarrhea and vomitting.

2) It enhances better vaccine response and antibody level of baby is much higher.

3) A reduced risk of respiratory infections and wheezing.

4) Protection against Herpes Simplex Virus II Contamination.

5) It has a significant dose response reduction in inguinal hernia.

6) Eczema is less common among babies who are breast fed.

7) Various researchers have conducted study and came to a view that breast fed child have higher IQ, mental development with social capabilities.

8) Breast feeding reduces the risk of obesity and Type 1 diabetes.

Breast feeding has so many advantages but it is not recommended for mothers with HIV positive, HTLV I & Ii , treated with chemo therapy or radiation and mother who abuse alcohol or drugs.

Their is some misinformation about the fact that artificial formula is same as breast fed. Some have inadequate support from family and some mothers thinks they are going back from modern life style by feeding their breast and some think about the beauty associated with breast, but advantages of breast feed have no alternatives.

So, looking back to the various advantages of breast feeding , we find from different studies , every mothers are recommended to fed breast milk to their child. Their most beloved ones life long health development and security is in their own hands and it should not be ignored in any circumstances.


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