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Breath your Way for an Healthy Heart

Updated on September 28, 2014

Heart Facts

World Heart Federation

Facts about Heart diseases released by World Heart Federation :

1) There are 17.3 Million Deaths yearly because of Heart Diseases and is branded the No.1 Killer in the World.

2) About 8.6 Million Women die Globally of Heart Diseases every year.

3) Heart Disease Cause 1 in 3 deaths in Females every year

4) About 1 Million Babies are born in the World with Heart Diseases.

No. 1 Killer

Our Feelings control our Heart

What is Heart ?

Medically, Heart is just an organ that pumps Blood to various parts of our Body. But psychologically, function of Heart is much more than just a simple organ.

How Heart is connected with your Feelings ?

Your Heart is directly connected to your feelings. The connection is very much strong and active that Heart reflects all your feelings and as a result your feelings control the functionality of your Heart.

If you are angry, Heart beats differently, All your feelings like fear, joy, sadness, envy, pride etc., generate a different type of Heart Beat. As the Heart Beat alters, Blood flow to various parts of the body also gets altered thus altering the Health conditions of your Body.

Since it is so closely associate to your feelings terms like, 'These words are coming our directly out of my Heart", 'My Heart says that it is right', I love with all my Heart' so on and on came into existence. We all know Heart cannot think or take decisions but every thing that you feel dear to you are associated to your Heart and that is true to a greater extent.

Controlling our Feelings

How do you control your Feelings ?

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Controlling Feelings by Breath Control

Control your feelings :

Since your feelings control the beat rate of Heart, controlling your feelings will help in moderating the Heart beat. Do not get over excited at any cause. Keep your excitement level at the optimum level. If the excitement increases you will feel the increased rate of Heart Beat. This is a clear indication that you are exceeding the limits.Set the limits for every feeling you experience and maintain it.

Control your Breath :

As the Heart beat gets altered Blood flow entering and leaving the Heart also gets altered and hence the Demand of Fresh Oxygen also changes. To accommodate the change you tend to breath faster or slower depending upon the excitement level.

As you cannot control the Functioning of your Heart, you can control it indirectly by controlling the breath. When you control the breath, Heart beat level also gets back to normalcy.

What is Breath ?

Inhaling and exhaling of atmospheric air to meet the Oxygen demand of your body is generally termed as breathing. Breath is closely connected with your life. The moment breath enters your body, you are born and when one stops breathing he is declared dead. Breath comes with life and vanishes with life. In short you are the breath and Breath is you.

While you cannot control your life or heart, it is very easy to control the Breath.

Heart and Diets

Watch your Breath

You would have watched several things in your life, a foot ball match, base ball match, a TV sop, a Movie, an argument, a fight etc., but have you ever watched your Breath ? I know the answer would be a No from almost everyone.

Sit quietly in a place over a Mat with your spine erect. Close your eyes. Follow the flow of air from the tip of your nostrils till the time it fills your lungs. Then watch it coming out. Repeat the process, just keep on watching the Breath as it goes in and out. You will yourself feel a peace encompassing you and you can feel the heart beat normalizing.

You can do this at any time when you are emotional and see the effect immediately.

Watching your breath is like watching your life :

Initially when you start watching your breath, you will find it difficult to closely follow the path air takes. But when continue the exercise regularly you will get into a rhythm with your Breath. It will make you understand the life force inside you.

Prevention of Heart Disease

Breath and Lungs

We all think that the Breath ends in lungs. But in reality your breath starts there. Red Blood Corpuscles separate Oxygen from the Air and attaches it to them and gets pumped by the heart to various parts of the Body. So where ever Blood is there, Oxygen is there and there are some vital places in our body where the levels and quality of Oxygen are measured by simply placing a hand in that area. These areas are called pulse points.

Heart and Pulse

If you go to a Doctor, first he checks your heart with his Stethoscope and checks your pulse by placing his hand in your arm. Pulse rates and Heart rates decide about the health condition of your Body. So control the rate of your Heart beat and the pulse rate by controlling your Breath.

By watching the Breath and controlling the Heart Beat you can almost avoid or decrease the possibility of a Heart Disease. If one is already affected by some disease you can reduce the intensity of it or cure it by moderating the Breath, Heart Beat and Pulse.

Breath Control

Basic Causes for Heart Diseases

1) Blood Pressure

2) High Cholesterol level in Blood.

3) Diabetes

4) Smoking

5) Eating Habits

6) Being Fat

How to avoid Heart Disease

1) Do not spend much time in front of your television

2) Go for a Walking either in the Morning or evening at least for Half an Hour

3) Do some Physical exercise for at least half an hour

4) Drink 2 to 4 litres of Water depending upon the climatic conditions.

5) Avoid Coffee or Tea and instead you can try Green Tea.

6) Maintain a regular sleeping and waking up habits. If your normal waking time is 6.00 AM, then maintain it every day even on Holidays

7) Sit silently and meditate. Meditation is nothing but watching the Breath.

The last point I have given is the best way to keep your Heart Healthy that would help in keeping the Heart Diseases away.

The Author of this Article is a qualified Kriya Yoga Master and the facts detailed above are learnt directly from an enlightened Master from Himalayas.Interestingly Bible and Koran also advocate the importance of Breath and Yoga in different words. Most of the acts involved in the daily Namas (Daily Prayers) performed by Muslims are a part of Kriya Yoga Practice that enhance your control over Breath.

To know more about Kriya Yoga you can visit the Site

World Heart Day 2014


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