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Breathing Made Easy Through Homeopathy

Updated on February 18, 2016

A much-propagated alternative form of medicine, homeopathy is taking the world by storm. The age-old form of medicine is being opted more frequently over conventional form of treatment for many recurring ailments and even chronic disorders. Homeopathy is commonly sought out for treatments of asthma in both kids and adults. The holistic science deals with stimulating the immune system and helping the body become strong internally. This form of medicine treats like symptoms with elements causing like symptoms, claiming to make the immune system respond and simulate.

Breathing difficulties and homeopathy

Respiratory illnesses are most common complaints in today’s era, owing to the adulteration of environmental factors, increased pollution and inhalation of chemicals that pollute the air. Common in kids due to inhalation of household allergens , such as dust mite, pollen and pet dander and adults due to the stress and workplace conditions that expose them to dust, fumes and gases.

Asthma: Also known as, allergic bronchitis or bronchial asthma is the inflammation of the airway that leads to bronchospasm resulting in shortness of breath, tightness in chest, cough and wheezing. Kids that are affected by the inflammatory disease complain of low stamina and inability to compete in competitive sports. This effects their childhood if causes and symptoms of asthma are not treated promptly.

Allergic Rhinitis: Most common in people with allergies from dust and pollens, the inflammation of nasal airway is an allergic reaction. This may cause sneezing, burning of eyes and nose, nasal congestion and even skin allergies, such as rashes and hives. A very common respiratory illness that effects more than 20% of the world’s population at a given time.

Most asthmatics and respiratory disorder patients have allergies; homeopathy finds the root cause of these allergies by a systematic approach.

The Homeopathy treatment for asthma and other respiratory disorders

Once you commit yourself to homeopathy and select a certified institute with trained doctors, the next step is the first consultation. This step is given high impetus in homeopathy, as the long and detailed talk with the doctor helps diagnose the condition, to find the individual treatment fit for the aliment. Both physical and emotional quotients of patient life are discussed to point out factors aggravating the allergies.

The doctor then prescribes a set of pills along with lifestyle and dietary changes that help the process. Patients may see an aggravation in symptoms in first few days of treatment, as homeopathic pills cause symptoms to increase before subsiding, to help stimulate the immune system. The symptoms reduce in frequency and may stop completely over time, thus curing treating the root cause of the disease.

As homeopathy has no side-effects and the treatment is compatible with many allopathic treatments, there is no reason for not giving the much-acclaimed homeopathy treatment for respiratory disorders, a try. The principle belief in homeopathy is propagation of complete health of both mind and body, towards a healthier you.


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