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Bride Bible: Eat Your Way To That Bridal Glow

Updated on May 4, 2018

For most brides-to-be, getting their makeup perfect is a major concern. But, if your skin isn't healthy enough, you are far, far, far away from that picture perfect look you want for your wedding day. So trust us when we say, investing time and effort into your skin will go a long way. Besides, healthy, glowing skin is your best accessory when you’re walking down the aisle. You do want to look like a radiant bride, don’t you.

So, my suggestion. Start eating. No, no, I don’t mean that you should throw your diet to the wind and binge away gleefully. All I am saying is that you should include these beautifying skin foods into your diet for that healthy glow you’ve been dreaming of.


Swap your sugary cereal (Bye, Bye, fruit loops) with a bowl full of oats in the morning and your skin will thank you. Oats are low on the glycemic index, which is a good thing because starchy foods, with their high glycemic index, can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, and unwanted breakouts.


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an anti-ageing antioxidant that makes sure you don’t look like a wrinkly old prune on your wedding. No Offense! Since these fruits are acidic in nature, it keeps dark spots and pimples at bay. Studies also suggest that lycopene is easily absorbed when cooked. Isn’t that the perfect excuse to go crazy with those steaming cups of tomato soup, garnished with a dollop of fresh cream?


We could’ve been boring and asked you to have a bowl of yogurt every day because it has probiotics, which is excellent for your skin. It controls bloating and works wonders for your digestive system. But you’ve probably heard your mom tell you that a million times, so we will spare you that advice. Besides, if you are lactose intolerant, keep your distance from that mango or strawberry yoghurt, no matter how delicious they may be. Trust me it's not worth it.

Instead, give Miso a try, which has all the gut-friendly bugs. This thick paste-like substance, made with fermented soybeans, salt, koji, and rice or barley, may not sound too tempting, but it’s packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. And contrary to popular belief, Miso isn't just for soup, it's extremely versatile and can add flavour to a number of dishes and curries.

Did someone say Miso soup for lunch? Count me in.


Ever wondered why your skin looks healthier and more radiant in winters? Well, Cinnamon is the magic spice that’s added to most goodies this season, and that’s what is responsible for your special winter glow. Cinnamon works its magic by stimulating circulation and blood flow, which helps in the absorption of nutrients and oxygen directly into the skin. A bonus for brides to be, cinnamon is also said to aid weight loss, and will come in mighty useful after all those holiday treats you’ve been cramming yourself with. Ahem! And you thought no one was noticing.


Nutritionists (and Victoria Beckham) swear by salmon for its numerous health benefits such as lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart diseases. But when it comes to weddings, if you have fine lines and wrinkles, low blood pressure is the least of our worries. Lucky for you, good heart health isn’t the only benefit of salmon. So don’t rule it out just yet.

Studies show that salmon has omega-3 fatty acids that help in the production of collagen, a protein that keeps your skin wrinkle-free. So who’s up for smoked salmon? Join me one and all!


You know it's time to spice up your beauty regime when your skin looks drab on the day of your your own bachelorette party. To bring your bridal glow back, include paprika in your diet. It is full of antioxidants and carotenoids like zeaxanthin and is a great source of Vitamin C and E. And since we Indians are known for our spicy culinary fare, you’ll never run out of dishes to add paprika to.


Turmeric - the holy grail of the DIY masks. Beauty gurus are obsessing over this spice, and all for the right reasons. Dull skin, fine line, wrinkles, acne ... you name it and turmeric can cure it. It contains curumin that combats dull skin, promotes collagen growth, aids skin elasticity and firmness, and boosts immunity. Remember mom’s haldi wala doodh? Drink away!

Dark Chocolate

We won't judge you if you keep a secret stash of chocolate in your purse or desk (or both). In fact, we recommend you do, because dark chocolate with 70 per cent or more cacao is the new super skin food. Thanks to high levels of flavonols, a square of dark chocolate a day will result in hydrated skin and luminous glow, minus the weight gain. No more guilt trips for giving into your chocolate cravings of “Kuch meetha ho jaye”.

The key to clear, radiant skin can’t always be found on your vanity table or inside your makeup kit. So the next time you decide to go shopping for those sheet masks, peel-offs and other skin care products for your wedding prep, take a detour to the food shop instead and stock up on some of the foods we’ve talked about in this article.

Happy Glowing!


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