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Bringing More Into Your Life

Updated on April 19, 2013

Bringing in More

Bringing more of something you want into you life is all about focus. Wherever your focus goes energy flows. So first of all you need to determine what it is you want more of in your life. Do you want more love? more money? better health?. Once you determine what it is that you want more of, you can follow these easy steps.

To start:

#1. Set your timer or alarm for 30 minutes or 60 minutes, if you have time.

#2. Light a nice scented candle of your choice. Turn the lights out. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet flat on the ground and your hands face up on your lap . Please make sure that you have a quiet space with no distractions. Please make sure that you shut your phone off.

#3. Now that you have made a safe and relaxing space for yourself, close your eyes, take a deep breath (7 times), in through your nose to the count of 7 raising your abdomen, then hold it for the count of 7 then exhale slowly to the count of 7. Please do the counting in your mind so you are not distracted by counting out loud.

#4. Now that you have come to this quiet space in your mind it is time to visualize what it is that you want to bring more of into your life. Keep expanding on the visualization until it feels real for you in your mind of course. The more you can see it in detail and the more you can feel it, the sooner it will be that it physically manifests for you in your life.

#5.The most important step after visualizing is to release it so that it may come forward for you in the real world. If you only hold it as an idea it won't be able to take root and grow into what you want. So like a plant if you hold on to the seed without actually putting it into the soil than it won't have a chance to grow.

So once you have created and visualized and felt and seen in your mind what you want more of, you have now planted the seed. Now to water it and nurture it, you need to have a deep faith and belief that what you have seen and felt in detail in your mind has only to come to you. Now let go of any other possibilities so that it is the only thing in the fore front ,nothing else.

It would be as if you planted too many seeds and none of them took because they were too crowded. Just simple, one at a time till it comes to fruition is always the best. Please remember that where your focus goes energy flows. Then where energy flows is what ultimately manifests.

So please try putting this into practice every day , for at least one month and watch what shows up for you. I look forward to hearing from you after you have tried this practice. It will definitely test your patience as it doesn't happen overnight , but if you keep up the practice you will eventually see results.

All the best to you for bringing more of what you want into your life.


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