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Bringing back the good old times.

Updated on June 11, 2015

Maybe we didn't have to lose all of that innocence.

Aging provides us the opportunity to remember the positive and negative sides of past years with some humor, some coloring of the negative and most especially a great deal of humility. We recall the fun, friends, family, home(s) and so forth. We remember that life wasn’t so difficult when we only had elementary school to get through, now that we are on this side of school. Oh sure there were days we didn’t enjoy and there were people we didn’t like, but all in all that was a good time.

This article is not talking about those who suffered at the hands of another’s abuse. That childhood was not so wonderful and yet we can still remember some of the good times. Our minds may have buried the difficult; terrible acts sustained at the hands of others. We seem to move on from this, until one day something opens that door.

Today, we a re talking about the good things we remember. We will save the conversation regarding the bad for another day. We need to remember the fun of our youth to have a springboard for our future. We must remember the times when it seemed like we were in the best place we could be. These are the times that will sustain us when devastation occurs. And devastation can be individual or as seen by the world.

Our aging has provided some good tools with which we can use to measure emotions, perceptions and beliefs in ourselves; most all of the tools we learned prior to and in our first two grades of school. When the world seems to get us down we need a life-ring to help us back on track. This may seem easy enough however it is not always that simple. There are times in life when it seems we are on a super highway and everyone else is on the HOV Lane. Knowledge of our current state of mind and our outlook for the future, lets check out what was so good about the young years.

There are things that may help bring us back to ground and allows us to move in a positive way. Flying a kite was so much fun as a kid, remember that feeling of watching our kite go higher and higher. Do we remember the exhilaration of the tug on the string and the control we had to let it go higher or pull it down? That feeling is many times sought in life as a way to move back into having a youthful spirit. What a great adventure on a warm breezy day. Afterwards celebrate the fun, and the adventurous step we have taken, also the good time we had. Now if we fell flat when doing this, remember the first and last emotion of that fall. It is important to help us move forward in life to sometimes take a break from pushing forward and just sit still or remember the past.

Do you remember what it was like to go for a walk and spend time alone? Or, where we are spending time going for a walk or taking time to just walk in the sand at the beach, this is a time to reconnect. All of us need time away from electronics, whether it be a TV or telephone or computer, we were not made to have every single minute of our time monopolized. We are a thinking, creative creature and if we never have time alone to ourselves, we will never learn what we are able to do. This is not to say we will be the next creator of an invention that will take the world by storm; what it does mean is we will be very creative in our own world. So many of have no idea what it is like to just be one with the world. When was the last time you got out a coloring book and a box of colors, just to spend an hour or two coloring pictures. This is a great way to give us a mini-vacation. Just spending some time doing something that requires little thought but in the end gives a feeling of accomplishment. This manner of accomplishment is not something which cost a great deal of money but that will allow for us to feel as though we have made a contribution.

These may seem like juvenile things for an adult or childish play, however the opposite is really true. When was the last time you had this freedom to just be yourself? In our world today, we give little thought to taking care of our self in this manner. This is not time spent with drugs (where prescribed or not), alcohol, or technology. This is time when we get to be with the best person we know, our self.

Next time; lets talk about getting back the fun innocence in our life and what it can been to our life (medical, emotional, self worth) today.


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