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Bronchitis: Best Treatments, Cures, Foods to Eat and Foods to Avoids

Updated on February 21, 2014

Bronchitis is a disease that afflicts more that fourteen million Americans each year. It is caused by the development of inflammation and swelling in the bronchus (windpipe) leading to the lungs. When this takes place the windpipe is no longer able to prevent foreign particles from entering the body.

The body responds by producing mucus to trap these particles.  This leads to congestion, difficulty in breathing, a wheezing cough and the need to constantly cough up mucus. In most cases, bronchitis includes several other symptoms which includes sore throat, sudden chills, shaking and pain in the chest or back.

There are two types of bronchitis known as acute bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It   usually follows an upper respiratory tract infection and lasts for several weeks. In some cases, it can lead to pneumonia. This is most likely to occur in individuals who have other health problems.

Chronic bronchitis is caused by ongoing irritation to the lungs. The most common irritants include cigarette smoke, air pollutants, dust and other toxic fumes. Allergies can also cause chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis forces the lungs to worker harder than normal, which can eventually lead to high blood pressure, enlarging of the heart and heart failure.

The first step that should be taken against any illness it to strengthen the immune system. Avoid foods and beverages that compromise the immune system such as fast foods, processed foods and high sugar foods.

Eat a diet that is high in fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Studies show that increasing fresh vegetables in the diet decreases the symptoms of bronchitis. Garlic and onion should be included in the diet because they have been found effective at inhibiting the enzyme that helps to release an inflammatory chemical in the body. Avoid mucus forming foods such as dairy products and white flour products.

Those individuals with chronic bronchitis should stay indoors when air quality is poor, stop smoking, avoid second hand smoke, avoid using aerosol products, drink plenty of pure water, fresh juice and herbal teas.

There are several nutritional supplements effective in treating bronchitis:

Pycnogenol - Protects the lungs by removing dangerous substances. A powerful antioxidant.

Colloidal silver - This is a natural antibiotic effective in destroying bacteria and viruses and speeds the healing process.

Quercetin - Is effective for bronchitis due to allergies. Works as a natural antihistamine.

Vitamin C - To boost the immune system and to reduce congestion.

Vitamin A - To heal and protect damaged tissues.

Omega 3 fatty acids - Have been found effective in the reduction of chronic bronchitis.

Several herbs have been found very effective in the treatment of bronchitis:

Goldenseal - is a natural antibiotic that is effective in reducing inflammation in the bronchial tubes.

Liquid goldenseal and echinacea - helps fight bacteria and viruses and boosts the immune system.

Other herbs include black radish, chickweed, elderberry, ginkgo biloba, fenugreek, horsetail and thyme.


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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      Great. found some other troops to fight off illnesses. Will tell someone I know who has chronic bronchiti to try pcogyneol


    • reviyve profile image

      reviyve 8 years ago from New York

      This is excellent! just what I expected based on your other hubs.

    • kiran8 profile image

      kiran8 8 years ago from Mangalore, India

      Excellent information ! Thanks a lot ..

    • jill of alltrades profile image

      jill of alltrades 8 years ago from Philippines

      Your hubs are always filled with practical information. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • einron profile image

      einron 8 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

      Thanks for the info.