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Brushing Your Teeth in The Shower

Updated on March 31, 2010

Brushing Your Teeth... In The Shower!

This dental hygene article is going to cover a few things. First, proper brushing techniques, and secondly, brushing your teeth in the shower. Statistics (that I am making up as I go) indicate that most people have never attempted to brush their teeth in the shower. Furthermore, (and I'm still making this up) people aren't aware of the benefits of brushing one's teeth while standing under a relaxing stream of hot water.

If you're one of those people who dreads the three to five minutes you spend brushing your teeth twice a day (and it should be three to five minutes, twice a day!), you need to try brushing those teeth of yours in the shower. Nothing makes dental hygene more relaxing and enjoyable. Yes, brushing your teeth can be relaxing! If you're not interested in exercising good dental hygene habits while in the shower, then shame on you, you're missing out!

My own acecdotal evidence tells me that when I brush my teeth while standing in the shower under a stream of hot water, I brush longer, and more thoroughly. As a result, my teeth are about as white as I can get them naturally, and my breath smells like a pleasant breeze at the cliffs of Dover.

Pro's of Shower Brushing

  • You brush longer and more thoroughly, as a result of being relaxed by the hot water. This means you focus less on brushing and more on being comfy.
  • When it is time to spit that used toothpaste, you aim for the drain and let it fly. Even if you miss, it'll still end up going down the drain!
  • Time to wash out your mouth. Open your yap, tilt your head backwards a bit. Easy as pie. No cups, hands or leaning over to get some water to rinse.
  • Warm water rinsing helps nutrilize the burning sensation that cold water mixed with toothpaste causes. It'll still burn, but nowhere near as much.

Let's Get Started!

First and foremost, you need all the required tools and paste's ready. Don't try to get everything together after you're in the shower or your bathroom will be soaked.

  • 1. Get your toothbrush, and apply a healthy amount of toothpaste. Run the brush under a slow trickle of warm tap water for a few seconds. Don't use the shower water to wet the brush and paste, as it might knock the tooth paste off the brush, which might make you cry.
  • 2. Now that you're ready, enter the shower. As you enter, take care to ensure the shower water doesn't hit the brush as, once again, you might lose the tooth paste. Eventually, maneuvering the brush into the shower with you while keeping it safe becomes natural and you don't think about it.

  • 3. Brush your teeth. Use a rotating movement, as opposed to side to side. Side to side is the bane of dentists everywhere, and they'll get mad at you if they see you've been using that technique. If you have a stiff lower lip, hold it out of the way as you rotate the brush along your gum line, taking care to show every tooth its deserved attention. Do this along the top gum line as well.
  • 4. As you brush, focus on how relaxing that water feels, not brushing your teeth. As a result of this, you will end up brushing for longer, which never hurt anyone. Using this "im relaxed and not focusing on brushing my teeth" attitude will ensure that you are well on your way to clean, white teeth. Of course, how white your teeth or depends on genetics, but you can ALWAYS get them a bit whiter naturally.

Brushing For Success

If there is one thing that will make or a break a first impression (other than if they're wearing a $5,000 suit or dressed like a homeless person), is teeth, and breath. Maybe you're not interested in braces or a pretty looking set of chompers. Those can get expensive to chase down. Brushing is dirt cheap, however, and will make all the difference in the world. Do you want to be known as, "that guy in IT who has horrible breath that smells like something died in there and he hasn't noticed", or do you want to be known as "that guy from IT who's good at fixing our server when it always breaks down!"?

It doesn't matter how good you are at your job, how sociable you are, or how pretty you may be. If your breath could knock a bull unconscious, that's the only thing you will be known for.  If people give you the cold shoulder, it might be because you're a big jerk, or it might be because your breath makes them dry heave.  If you follow this articles advice and you're a jerk... Well then I guess you will be a jerk with nice breath.  But if you're a nice enough person with bad breath, you'll go from being the friendly person that everyone avoids, to the coolest chap in the office.


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    • sylvana profile image

      sylvana 7 years ago from Sunny Queensland, Australia

      Bahaha! Love the hub, thanks! I too am an advocate of brushing your teeth in the shower. It's great, and I do believe you brush for longer in the shower.