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Cremations Urns for the Budget Conscious

Updated on September 1, 2014

It's no secret that funerals are an expensive business. The costs of the funeral home, transportation, and funeral programs are typically elevated when coupled with burial expenses. However, for various reasons, people are turning to cremation as an alternative to a traditional burial. Besides being cost-effective, many feel that cremations are more environmentally friendly.

However, you can still choose to keep cremation costs down by purchasing one of the many budget-friendly cremation urns. These affordable containers are sometimes not as large or made of some of the same materials as the more expensive urns, but they are still as beautiful and serve the same purpose. A discounted urn is perfect for those who want the practicality of special urn without the expense.

Mother of Pearl Discount Urn
Mother of Pearl Discount Urn | Source

Types of Budget-Friendly Cremation Urns

Some of the different styles of lower-priced cremation urns serve varying purposes, so make sure you choose the type that you really need, not just because the price is cheaper. Some of these urns can be used as temporary containers until permanent ones are purchased:

  • Biodegradable Urns: Just as its name implies, these urns are biodegradable and made from organic, paper. They typically serve as temporary vessels until they are buried or cast into an ocean or lake during a scattering of ashes. Other types of biodegradable urns can be planted, and trees or other plants grow from seeds embedded in the out paper covering. Biodegradable urns are not meant to be long-term.
  • Scattering Urns: These temporary containers are either biodegradable for water disposition or have easy-opening ends for scattering the cremains into the ocean, a garden, or other place in nature. They come in various sizes and styles.
  • Keepsakes Urns: These types of urns are perfect when the ashes will be divided and kept in different locations. They are smaller and therefore less expensive. Look for companies that sell sets of these types of urns.

Ask to See Discounted Urns

When purchasing an urn from a funeral home, crematory, or casket shop, ask to see the urns that are on clearance or discontinued. These typically will have a lower price and are just like other urns in size and quality as higher-priced containers. You should be able to find sturdy brass or metal urns that can be perfectly showcased in your home.

If you buy an urn online, the procedure is about the same. Do a search or look for urns that are on sale or clearance-priced? There is usually nothing wrong with them except the manufacturer might have stopped making that certain style or mass produced too many.


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