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How To Build Big Arms With The Close Grip Bench Press

Updated on December 29, 2017
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Close grip bench press

Starting Building Muscular Arms

Most men want to have big arms busting out of their shirts and most woman like a man with big muscular arm muscles.

  • One way to build those big thick arm muscles is to perform an exercise called the close grip bench press which will easily build the Triceps.
  • Your triceps make up two thirds of your upper arm so it makes sense to work on them if it is size and mass you are striving for.
  • One exercise that should be incorporated in your mass building arsenal is the close grip bench press.
  • When trying to build mass the best time to train your triceps is to train them on the same day as your chest workout so as not to over train them therefore giving them lots of time to heal and recover from your work outs.

Triceps Exercise Instructions

Since you will be performing an exercise for your triceps that very closely resembles a standard bench press for your chest you should use exercises other than bench presses for chest on your mass building triceps days.

**IMPORTANT** When exercising your chest use dumbbells, cables and incorporate an incline and decline workout.

  • Once you are done your chest workout your triceps will be good and warmed up so you can jump right into a heavy set of close grip bench press.
  • To perform a close grip bench press properly lay on your bench like you would if you were performing regular bench press.
  • You might want to actually move down the bench a bit more than usual so that the bar is above your lower chest upper abdomen.
  • Find a good spot that works for you so that it will be easy to lift the bar off the racks.

Tricep Exercise Poll

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Exercise Instructions Continued

  • Place your hands on the bar about 6” apart or closer palms facing your legs, you will find out quickly what width works best for you.
  • Lifting the bar off the rack and while keeping your upper arms and elbows in towards your torso lower the weight to your body like a normal bench press and press back up, that was one repetition.
  • The difference between close grip bench and regular bench is the placement of your hands on the bar which is closer together than a bench press and also your elbows keeping tight to your body during the close grip bench where your elbows are flared outward when doing a regular bench.
  • Since your triceps are already warmed up and tired from your chest workout you only need to do 3 heavy sets for your triceps and that should be enough to build some big thick arms.
  • Make sure to do your chest and tricep workout no more but at least twice a week and you will see the difference in no time.
  • You should also change up your workouts once in a while so I would recommend for mass building for triceps to switch between close grip bench and skull crushers every 4 weeks for maximum gains.

Instructional Video Triceps Close Grip Bench Press

These are some big and ripped triceps
These are some big and ripped triceps

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