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Build Muscle and Tone Your Body: The Secret Exercise Everyone Knows About

Updated on October 28, 2015

Online, in magazines and on TV we are bombarded with advertisements for exercise equipment that will, they claim, get you ripped in 90 days -- or your money back! But that's the problem: You need to spend money, and lots of it, to reap those alleged benefits.

Here's a secret: You can achieve similar results with your own body. And better yet, all it takes is one simple exercise to achieve them: Push-ups.

Oh, well I could have told you that! you might have thought. Push-ups? That's the secret? That's too easy!

Exactly. Which is why people would rather spend hundreds of dollars on complicated equipment than perform basic physical tasks. Losing weight and building muscle seem tough. People assume they need to utilize hard-to-use equipment to see results.

But it's just not so.

Push-ups strengthen your whole body, not just your arms.
Push-ups strengthen your whole body, not just your arms. | Source

The push-up regimen

Want positive change after a couple weeks? Pick a day -- tomorrow, perhaps. Throughout the day, do 40 push-ups.* Not all at once, mind you. Throughout the day. Wake up, do 10. Do 10 at lunchtime, 10 during mid-afternoon and 10 before you go to bed.

The next day, increase to 60 push-ups. Try doing 15 at a time. 15 in the morning, 15 at lunch, 15 during mid-afternoon, 15 before bed. If that's too many in one sitting, do six sets of 10. Heck, you can even do eight sets of five. Just get them done.

Day three: 80 push-ups. See a pattern yet? It seems so simple, because it is. Try four sets of 20 today. Not doable? Go for eight sets of 10.

Day four: 100 push-ups. Now you know the trend. Increase by 20 each day. At this point, I was doing sets of 20 at a time. Doing fewer per sitting (er, pushing) is possible, but it becomes increasingly difficult to find the time to spread out, say, 10 sets of 10 push-ups throughout the day.

Day five: 120 push-ups. Day six: 140 push-ups. Day seven: 160 pushups. Day eight: 180 pushups (at this point, you should try to introduce at least one set of 30 or more push-ups into your regimen). Day nine: 200 push-ups.

Day 10: Rest. Do zero push-ups today. Let your arms, back, abs -- heck, your whole body -- recover a bit. By Day 10, results should start to become apparent. They might be small, they might seem insignificant, but these tiny changes slowly build into big, noticeable metamorphoses.

Day 11: Do 200 push-ups again. And for the next five days, do 200 of the exercise. Then rest for a day. Increase your total to 220 push-ups. Do that for a week. Rest for a day. Then 240 push-ups a day for week. Rest. 260 a day for week. Rest. 280. Rest. 300. Rest.

I stopped at 300 push-ups per day and have stuck at that number ever since.

Solely doing this exercise as I've described will not morph you into a ripped Adonis. But it will tone your body, give you muscle mass and make you stronger. I've seen muscle tone in places I never knew muscles existed.

*If starting at 40 is too many, try beginning with 20. It will set you back a little, but follow the pattern as set above and you will still see results.

The most important thing to remember

Except for rest days, you must do your push-ups every day. Make them a habit. That is vital.

Good luck, my friends. A healthier you is possible -- and you don't need to spend a dollar to achieve it.


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