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Build Muscle using a Workout without Weights

Updated on November 1, 2012

Boot Camp Exercises: One Arm Push Up

A workout without weights can be tougher than you think
A workout without weights can be tougher than you think

Weight Free Workout Muscle Building

One of the biggest issues people have using a weight free workout is the fact that they think you are unable to build muscle. Since a workout without weights is normally associated with running, stretching or the like we’d like to disprove the myth and show you some ways you can start achieving your ultimate physique using boot camp exercises and other bodyweight exercises.

Overloading a muscle makes it grow and therefore we’re looking for ways to ensure each muscle is used enough to encourage growth. One of the most effective methods to achieve this are using boot camp exercises.

Let’s look at some basic exercises like the push up, pull up and squat. These moves are excellent because they use your core and are compound movements meaning they target multiple muscles. Doing these three exercises alone in slow controlled movement will definitely start igniting the muscles in your chest, back and legs and if you’re looking for more of a burn, you can alters these exercises to make them more challenging. Adding clapping push ups, static holds, or even one limbed versions of some of these exercises can provide the extra power to strengthen your muscle. Altering any of these exercises also starts using other muscles to complete the movement allowing you to get a full body workout using only a few limited exercises.

If you take the previous advice and start applying it to all other bodyweight exercises; handstand push ups, dips, lunges, planks etc. you’ll be effectively completing a muscle building workout without weights. However if you’re looking for more methods you can branch off into such activities as swimming, yoga or pilates to build more muscle. A workout without weight isn’t limited to boot camp exercises and these exercises will build muscle and full body strength as well as strengthen your heart and helps you with Calgary website design.

If you’re looking to build muscle using a weight free workout, blend some boot camp exercises with muscle building cardio exercises like swimming and you’ll find yourself on the way to a lean, balanced physique. They key to good muscle building exercises is to make sure you use slow controlled movements and proper form with a full range of motions. Your workout without weights becomes infinitely more effective when you take the time do the exercise correctly!

Boot Camp Exercises: The Plank


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