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How to build muscle fast and lose pounds at the same time

Updated on September 3, 2009

Muscle Group to target when building big muscles fast

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The new way to build big muscle fast

Even if you have never exercised before, these tips are the best way to build bigger muscle fast

If you are looking for a toned body for summer or are new to gym and weight training, i doesn't really matter.The best way to build bigger muscle is to take the following easy steps in order to succeed.

The old way or conventional way of building big muscle is that of completing a specific number of repititions of a specific targeted exercise in order to produce muscle gain. Though this method is thought by many to be the best way, it is not so.Let me explain.

Traditionally, an exerciser will load a specific amount of weight and lift this weight,usually 65% to 85% of the maximum amount of weight that they would find possible to carry out 8 or 10 repititions of an exercise and go through the lifting motions in a slow regimented fassion and continue to force the muscles to lift even if they are tired, just in order to finish the prescribed number of repetitions and sets.

Now consider a scenario whereby in our daily lives we are expected to lift an object and place it into a vehicle for example. The act of lifting this object is such that you wish to do it in the quickest time possible and with the maximum burst of energy able. Why then do we consider our exercise routine to be completely different.

The besy way to condition the muscle groups for increased strength and durability is to put the muscles through the same range of motion that they are subjected to on a daily basis.

Let me explain a little more.The process of carrying out a specific number of repetitions of an exercise are not incorrect, but the way in which these repetitions are tracked.Therefore in order to build bigger muscle, we need to carry out our exercise routine in a way where we still do say 40 repetitions, but at a faster pace of motion and to complete as many repetitions as possible until our muscles get tired whilst using say 65% of the maximum weight we are able to lift for 10 repetitions for that exercise.

The exercise is still the same, however, we are able to push the muscle tissue to its maximum threshold for all exercises. We are still able to complete the same exercise routine as before, but are aiming at the process of building the muscles bigger and faster as they progress through their range of motions at a quicker pace building stamina as we increase the load capacity and also maintaining maximum power until the end.

By choosing three targeted muscle groups from the diagram above and doing two exercises for each muscle group on alternate days, you will notice a difference in the size of your muscles as they grow bigger.

By using this method, anyone can see quick results over a short period. This method would also explain why the habitual exerciser is not able to see any improvement once they have reached a specific level of muscle development. This way to build bigger muscle fast is all that is needed to change a plateau that most people find themselves in at a point in their exercise regimen where they can't understand why there are no more muscle gains.

I hope this helps in your quest for bigger muscles.


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