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Build massive muscles

Updated on September 14, 2012

Getting Building Massive Muscles

There are many different workout methods men can use in order to build massive muscles. Nobody can really say what is the best method to use in order to build massive muscles. However, this hub will give people some tips that they can keep in mind if they want to build big muscles.

Continue to read on to find out how to get big muscles.


Diet is important when trying to build massive muscles. If you are looking to get big very quickly then you need to eat big and eat a lot. You need to eat healthy but you need to eat right too. Basically in order to get big and build massive muscles, you need to eat like you are big and have big muscles. The average bodybuilder seems to eat about 3,000 or more calories when they are trying to bulk ( get bigger ) up. So in order to gain the size you need to eat.

Once you have bulked up, it's time to cut the calories down and watch your fat intake. You don't have to count every single gram of fat, carbohydrates or sugar that goes into your body but just keep an eye out. The point of cutting calories ( the right way ) is to get lose weight.

As you can see what you want to do is eat to get big and then eat and train to get lean. After weeks of doing this you should notice that you have built some quality muscles. Dieting is very important for somebody who wants to build massive muscles, so keep these diet tips in mind.

Lift heavy, light and moderate Weight

Too build massive muscles then you need to lift heavy weights, light weights and moderate weight. Do not over do it with weight, sets and repetitions though. Always stay within your own limits so you avoid overtraining. Make sure you use heavy weight but more importantly make sure that you can perform the exercise correctly.

Another good tip to do is when you workout make sure you are using compound movements to start your routine with and finish up with isolation movements. As long as you are working out and lifting often your body will grow and it will grow quickly. It's when science complicates things for you, and that's when you can get confuse and slow down your progress.

Do Some Cardio

When you gain muscle you will want to keep body fat percentage down as low as possible. For this reason, when you are trying to build massive muscles you will want to do a little bit of cardio a few times a week. Cardio will help you shed body fat and will make you leaner, which means your muscles will show more.

Do cardio at least 3-4 days a week for 30-60 minutes to start and once you are able to, try to do cardio 5 days a week for 30-60 minutes. You should see some good results after doing this for a few weeks.


Eat, hit the weights and do cardio and soon enough you will be able to build some big muscles. Keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way to getting the big muscles you have always wanted.


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    • dimitri roussos profile image

      dimitri roussos 8 years ago from Durham, N.C.

      good advice