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Building A Massage Therapy Practice - Part I

Updated on August 21, 2009

Before I became a Special Education teacher, I worked as a licensed Massage Therapist for fifteen years. I was a single mother needing to enter the workforce, with no desire to leave my kids forty hours a week and work a boring nine-to-five going nowhere job.

Back in 1984, massage therapy was not a career that was being promoted on bus stop benchs or vocational schools. Therefore, the job market was wide open and opportunities abounded to build a massage therapy practice after finishing the required hours of training and obtaining a state or county license to practice.

The first place I worked was an athletic club. I was fortunate to live close enough to the club so I could accommodate clientele on short notice. YES, image conducting a business in this manner before the cell phone! I started out with a dual-tone pager - one tone meant the athletic club was trying to reach me and the other tone meant the chiropractic office needed me. One of the easiest ways for me to build interest and book appointments was to offer promotional opportunities for people to experience massage first hand (no pun intended)

Here is a list of some of the promotional techniques I used to build my early practice:

1. Offer complimentary 10 minute sample massages to people right there on the spot. Quite often, people will ask to pay to extend the time and then book another appointment.

2. Give the management and other staff complimentary massages so that they can promote you. Word-of-mouth works! Within a very short period of time, I was booking 30 minute appointments back-to-back! (Oops, no pun intended again!)

3. Donate gift certificates for club events.


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    • profile image

      chatswood massage 6 years ago

      Nice information for building a massage therapy. I bookmarked this for future reference. Thanks

    • profile image

      Wesman63 7 years ago

      If there is aditional info. for the start up for a Professional Therapy building. We own commercial property and wish to build a 0 impact, light duty professional building. The therapy arts would be a great option for us. We would like to do this in Brimfield, Mass. We have immediate access to a major highway. Considering the rural neighborhood, our building is going to be designed to fit in. Any start up info. will be most appreciated.

    • profile image

      Russ52 8 years ago

      Very Interesting Article On A Career Than Can Help Out A Single Mom Or Person Make A Wise Choice, If He Or She Desires.