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Shaping Arms With Weights

Updated on October 29, 2019
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I worked alongside top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor educated me on health tips I am proud to share.



Biceps and arm flexors need as much attention as triceps. Each of these muscles, when toned is gorgeous to view, and helps maintain a healthy look.

In an article about shaping your triceps, I describe the best way to enhance these muscles avoiding the myths of developing strong arms.

Shaping both the biceps and arm flexors helps when you understand where these muscles are on the arm.

The biceps muscle performs on the opposite side of the triceps muscle. The biceps lifts the arm up and down when the two-part muscle contracts.

The biceps turn the palm of your hand the opportunity to rotate upward. It is necessary to work out the biceps to help your arms properly function. The following exercises work out and tone the biceps, so your arms are strong.


The dumbbells are two free weights. They work as a pair in each hand or individually, depending on the type of exercise.

The origination of the word "dumbbells" refers to the apparatus that rings the church bell. If the church didn't have an object to hit the bell when the rope gets pulled, there would be silence or "dumb." These weights do not ring bells, so we call them "dumbbells."


Dumbbell Curls

Dumbbell curls work out and shape the biceps. Using dumbells, proper form, and a full range of motion is essential when exercising your biceps with curls. With proper form, you are more likely to have better results in less time.

The steps for a proper dumbbell curl. Do at least 12 repetitions:

  1. Start by standing relaxed
  2. Weights comfortably in your hands
  3. Palms out
  4. Elbows slightly bent
  5. Lift the weights toward the shoulders
  6. Not touching the shoulders
  7. Elbows remain steady as you feel the full range of motion
  8. Slowly lower the weights back down
  9. Repeat

"My top priority in life is my workout. Regardless of what happens, I hit that gym. Even when I was in the hospital twice with serious knee operations: Right after I came out of anesthesia, there was a chin bar over my head and dumbbells. I worked out immediately."

— Jack LaLanne
Anatomy of the Universe
Anatomy of the Universe


The forearm is the area from the elbow to the wrist. The two muscle groups in the forearm are called flexor muscles. They control the forearm because almost every movement the wrist and hand perform stem from the flexor muscles. Working out these two muscles conditions the forearm and helps maintain fluid movement.

Forearm Curls

A simple but not easy forearm exercise, called forearm curls, is best for these muscles using dumbbells.

Forearm curls are performed on each arm by following these steps doing 10 to 12 repetitions for best results:

  1. Start in a sitting position
  2. Pick up a dumbbell
  3. Hold it in your fist
  4. In a natural form slowly allow the dumbbell's bar to roll
  5. Continue to the end of your fingers
  6. Roll the bar back up to the palms

The video shows how simple it looks to perform these curls, but it is not easy, and it takes practice.

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Reverse Forearm Curl

Another way to work the forearm muscle is to reverse the forearm curl and perform a palm down forearm curl using a dumbbell. This movement isolates the flexor muscles and strengthens them.

Performed by following these steps, keeping the arms still, on each wrist doing 10 to 12 repetitions for best results:

  1. Start in a sitting position
  2. Pick up a dumbbell in one hand
  3. Hold it in your fist
  4. Rest the wrist against your knee
  5. Palm turned down
  6. In a natural form slowly allow the dumbbell's bar to raise up
  7. Briefly pause
  8. Slowly lower the wrist back down

The video shows you how to perform this curl. The exercise is hard to perform than it looks.

Keeping your arms in shape and well defined is something to behold. The process starts with these simple exercises and a dedication to performing them at least three times a week.

Forearms Workout

I like the forearms workouts because working one side at a time helps me focus on my goal. The key is to watch the range of motion and keep your attention on what you intend to gain from the workout.

Keep at it until you see the positive results and keep going. Don't stop. You should work out for life. Keeping your arms in shape and well defined is something to behold. The process starts with these simple exercises and a dedication to performing them at least three times a week.

© 2015 Kenna McHugh


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