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Shaping Your Arm Flexors

Updated on July 31, 2017
Men's Health
Men's Health

Working Out with Dumbbells

I wrote a little piece about working out your triceps. Now, I have a little piece for you about shaping the biceps and arm flexors. The biceps muscle is located on the opposite side of the triceps muscle. The biceps lift up and down the arm when it contracts.

The biceps gives the palm of your hand the opportunity to rotate upward. Proper form and a full range of motion are essential when exercising your biceps with curls.

Start by standing relaxed with weights comfortably in your hands, palms out and elbows slightly bent. Lift the weights toward the shoulders, not touching the shoulders. The elbows need to be steady as you feel the full range of motion. Then, slowly lower the weights back down. Do at least 12 repetitions.

Anatomy of the Universe
Anatomy of the Universe

Flexor Muscles

The two muscle groups in the forearm are called flexor muscles. They control the forearm. Almost every movement the wrist and hand make are caused by the flexor muscles.

A very simple but not easy forearm exercise is best for these muscles. Forearm curls are performed by starting in a sitting position. Picking up a dumbbell and hold it in your fist. In a natural manner allow the dumbbell's bar to roll slowly to the end of your fingers. Then, roll the bar back up to the palms. Do 10 to 12 repetitions for the best results.

Keeping your arms in shape and well defined is something to behold. The process starts with these simple exercises and a dedication to performing them at least three times a week.

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I like the dumbbell lifts because working one side at a time helps me focus on my goal. The key is to watch the range of motion and keep your attention on what you intend to gain from the workout.


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