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Building Yourself: Tools To Guide You On Your Journey

Updated on May 31, 2015

Build Your Knowledge

Coursera: My favorite FREE online college course website! They give you a wide variety of categories like Arts, Computer Science, Health, Medicine and so many more! I am constantly snooping around on this site to see what's new. It is simply amazing. They offer full online courses for absolutely free - and most of the courses give you an option to pay after passing the course to receive a course completion certificate but it is completely optional. To Navigate This Site: Start by joining - after that is complete then you can log in. After you log in click on the "Catalog" button at the top of the page - then have fun browsing! I would suggest scrolling through the check boxes located at the left hand side of the page and check the subjects you are interested in. I would also suggest checking the box that says "On-Demand" at the very top because that will show you the classes that are available to take at the time you are visiting the site.

Udemy: This is my favorite FREE online web-course website. Unlike Coursera it offers free "classes" which are actually lectures and teaching videos - they do not have tests or assignments like Coursera does and they aren't college classes either. But what makes Udemy so amazing is that pretty much all of the classes are based on web-related things (which for people like me - is freaking sweet!) They have a wide variety as well with web-courses like - SEO training, Entrepreunership, Photoshop, IOS developing, Learning JavaScript or HTML, Buisness, Leadership and more! To Navigate This Site: type in the search bar "free" and get ready to be amazed.. You will probably have a hard time choosing which one to start with!

Lumosity: This is a great site to work your brain! They have different games to work different areas of your brain and they are pretty entertaining as well! Although it isn't free to play all the games you still get quite a few to choose from - and any brain game is a good game to be playing! So start giving your brain a work out today!

Project Gutenberg: If reading is how you like to build your knowledge and work out your brain then this is a great site for you! Project Gutenberg is a site that has over 49,000 free ebooks to download! Including free epub books and books for your kindle. And if you don't have a kindle that's okay too because you can even read them all online! Great right? Don't let the not-so-flashy and old looking style of this site get you down about it - it may not look great but the material IS great! And another plus to this site is that there is a great selection of lesser-known books to expand your mind even more.

Get In The Know!

TED: Ted is a non-profit organization that was designed specifically for spreading great ideas. It is a online community of free knowledge for all you thinkers out there. Ted has ideas and information on just about any topic you can think of - Technology, Entertainment, Design, and Global Issues are just a few - AND they have it all in over 100 different languages! Neat! And I have to fill you in on some of their great features as well, like - TedTalks (videos), TedPrize (projects), TedX (global community), and Ted-Ed (lesson series).

Howcast: Howcast is the BEST site for how-to videos of any kind! Literally - even better than watching 10 different youtube videos trying to find one that doesn't take forever to get to the point, etc. They have categories like - Sports&Fitness, Food&Drink, Parenting&Family, and Arts&Crafts! If there is anything that you find yourself saying "I wish I knew how to do that" look it up on Howcast and ill bet you will be pleased!

EXPOtv: I talked about EXPOtv in one of my other hubs Freebie's-Sites that work! because not only will they send you free full-sized samples and other products to try for your input on those products but guess what that means? It means there are tons of different videos of honest and unbiased product reviews! Stay in the loop with these videos and be informed before you spend your money!

Here Is An Example Of A Howcast & Some more Organizational Tips!

Build Your Career Path

Carbonmade: Carbonmade is a portfolio making site for those career drivers out there. It can be stressful making a portfolio for a job that you desperately want or need - but not anymore! They have over 900,000 portfolios right now - so there must be something great behind it! Now this one isn't free and I have not personally used it but I have read numerous reviews and have found nothing but pleasing feedback and its very inexpensive! (($6 a month for 10 projects all the way up to unlimited which is only $24 a month!)) With beautiful themes and professionals in all areas of their expertise - Illustrators, Creative Directors, Photographers, Copywriters, Character Designers, Fashion Designers, Fine Artists, Motion Designers, Graphic Designers, and Stylists! Now that's outstanding.

Careers: This site is a true gift that will likely hold everything you need to know about careers, universities, and that whole shebang. It holds all the resources you will need for your career or even your career hunt! Take advantage of this site because it also has some amazing features like - Over 100,000 pages of information on degree programs, universities, jobs and occupations - Entrepreneurial opportunities - in-depth job and industry profiles - Local, US, Canadian and International Career Directories - Career counselors, Advice, Services, and Research - Colleges by topic, State, and Online - Academic Programs - Financial Aid Information.

LiveCareer: The biggest component to LiveCareer is its resume and cover letter builder and tips but there are other extremely helpful features on this site as well like -Search Job Listings, Relevant Articles - Career And Other Tests - And A Helpful Salary Calculator!

OnetOnline: Onet might not be very pretty but it gets to the point and honestly it is one of my favorite websites! It is jam packed full of resources to figure out what careers might be best for you based on your personality, skills, etc. with their genius Career Exploration Tools. You will fall in love with this site if you are a worker or a student looking to find or change career paths.

MyFuture: Explore "what's next" with career&college articles, advice, tools, checklists, and top career&college lists - Explore Military Options - Get Help Looking For A Job - Resume Builders and more!

Organize Your Life

Mint: Mint is a finance management website that is simply outstanding! After you sign up and finish your profile it will tell you how much you are spending in every category that you set up. It is literally the BEST budgeting website and the best part is - its free!

OrganizeYourself: OrganizeYourself is a free service that does exactly what it says - helps your organize yourself! You sign up and pick one out of five different areas that you would like to improve or organize better. (They are Office, Household, Children, Time-Management, and Financial Records.) Then OrganizeYourself makes you a customized program to help you get better organized in the area that you chose. You set your own goals and reminders, You have your own personal journal to keep track of your progress, Read helpful "How-To" articles, Share your ideas with others, And you can get help and support at ANYTIME! This site is pretty popular considering it was seen in The New York Times, Better Homes&Gardens, Amazon, and more!

Trello: Oh my.. Trello! Ditch all the notebooks, emails, spreadsheets and software - Trello is your one stop shop for managing your projects! Its all free (I don't know how!!) and you can use as many or as little features as you want. It's a flexible and visual way to organize ANYTHING with ANYONE. And it uses cards instead of a surface like most layouts - so you can easily see all aspects of the project you are organizing all in one view. Work on projects alone or in teams - Trello is there for you and adapts to your project, who your working with, and your work-pace! Notifications always tell you when important things are happening and it is all running on real-time so you get updates the second they happen. And as if It couldn't get any better- it does - Trello stays in sync with all of your devices at all times with access from the web, Your android phone or tablet, IPhone, IPad, Kindle Fire, and Windows 8 platform! Did I just blow your mind or what?!

SpiderScribe: An online Mind Mapping and Brain Storming Tool! Just that little bit of information already has you wanting to know more - I know I did. With SpiderScribe you can Capture, Connect, and Share your ideas easily. Organize text notes, files, images, events, and locations into free-form maps that you can share with anyone and everyone that you would like to. All of that is free - but for a small cost you could also get SpiderScribes business plan and Plan Projects, Enhance Presentations, Brainstorm Ideas, Visualize Concepts, Research Topics and more! Check it out!

RememberTheMilk: "The best way to manage your tasks. Never forget the milk (or anything else) ever again." Over 5 million people use this simple to-do list maker. But its not just a simple to-do list maker because its with you wherever you go! And its available for almost every device with gadgets even available on Gmail and Google Calendar. Its also available for syncing up with Microsoft Outlook, EverNote - adding tasks through your Email, Twitter, and even Siri!

Build Up Positive Habits & Tear Down The Negative Ones.

HabitForge: HabitForge stands by their statement that it takes 21 days to form a habit - so they are here to help you keep it up so that those good habits stick and those bad ones aren't so hard to kick! They say its as easy as 3 steps! You tell them what habit you would like to make or break, then they will remind and encourage you everyday - so that habit sticks! They will set you up with a support team - and you can even make friendly wagers with friends or other members (Fun!) And then they will check in with you at the end of everyday and see how you did. ((Incase your wondering- they have over 2,000,000 success stories))

Chains: has the same concept as HabitForge. Its an Online Motivational Tool that's based on the "Don't break the chain" method. I kind of favor how Chains is set up over how HabitForge is because with Chains its a simple platform that shows you how you are doing and you can even customize your individual activities with fun skins to pazzaz up how your habits are presented to you. ((NOTE: There is a picture on their home page which shows the customizing skins and what I am referring too. I understand that it might be kind of tricky to understand without a visual.))

For those of you who did or are willing to try out both websites:

Which did you prefer?

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There's An App For That!

Dream Board 2 (VisuaLife) - For Android - A motivational tool that helps you set the right goals for yourself and to prioritize better. "Look at your life from the outside" With over 450 symbols - built in templates and more!

Attitudes of Gratitude Journal - For Android - This App is a Journal that is supposed to help you develop a daily attitude of gratitude by writing everything throughout the day that you feel thankful for. Then at the end of the day you can look back on them and see that there is probably more than you thought there! Be Thankful! Be Happy!

Bloom* - For IPhone - A Vision Board in your Pocket!

WishBoard - For IPhone - Vision boards that use the laws of attraction to your advantage!

Vision Board - For IPhone - Visualize your dreams into actions!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found lots of useful information in my hub! Please leave any comments you have!


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    • everythingzealous profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from USA

      Thank you!

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Excellent post.


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