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Bulimia Why Do You Get Hungry After You Purge

Updated on May 8, 2011

Bulimia - Why Do You Get Hungry After You Purge?

Bulimia is a horrible condition that countless people are enduring across the world. It is as physically harmful as it is emotionally. People who suffer this eating disorder interpret it the wrong way and most of them actually hide it. Some have suffered for many years and struggle everyday to stop it. Such people eat a lot of food in a very short time and purge it shortly after. They expel the food to avoid growing fat.


When they throw up, bulimics feel hungry immediately after. It is easy to think that these people feel hunger pangs because they leave no food for the tummy to digest. This might be one of the reasons, but a deeper evaluation of their condition reveals other reasons. Bulimia sufferers have issues that trigger their binge and purge episodes. Experiencing stress at the workplace, and home and having no way of avoiding it can trigger this behavior.

Similarly, enduring loneliness and other self-esteem issues can aggravate the hunger after the purge. Actually, having a very poor self image makes several of us feel worthless and instill the spirit of self-destruction in us even more. Thus, a bulimia sufferer will most likely feel hungry after throwing up because he or she has not managed to solve the low self-esteem issue at all. In any case, many of them eat to fill the emptiness they feel in their hearts and minds.

What is more, every time they have to endure guilt because of their overeating habit, their self-worth only becomes worse. A person who is trying to stop purging will feel hungry because of doing it the wrong way. See, when making efforts to change this habit, one must not wait until he or she is hungry. Fasting for hours might encourage binge-eating episodes. If possible, a person should eat something at least every three to four hours. Not taking any measures to correct the disorder medically can also cause hunger when you purge.

Victims can seek help in many ways to stop purging, in the first place, including medical prescriptions for bulimia. Additionally, they can take group therapies that involve psychotherapy and dietary counseling. Over and above all, these people need support from their friends, family and relatives. Getting over bulimia is not an easy process, especially if one cannot admit having any eating disorder. These people do not need blame or condemnation because they already feel bad about their eating patterns. What they need is to seek help and get support in return.


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