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Bullworker - Exercise Chart with Training Videos Show How To Use The Bullworker

Updated on August 11, 2012

Original Bullworker

Bullworker Original
Bullworker Original

My Original Bullworker

The Original Bullworker is my favorite fitness aid. I've owned this great fitness machine for over 30 years! It still works as well as ever and gives me a good workout.

In fact, even today I really cannot think of a single piece of equipment that does more. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but I'm sure it was only 30 - 40 dollars. Where to buy Bullworker? If you hunt around a bit, perhaps on auction sites such as Ebay, you may be able to find an original Bullworker. But what the heck, you can easily buy the equivalent new model Bullworker today. It is the called the Bow Classic and whilst iit costs 80 bucks, in real terms that is much less than I paid 30 years ago...and it's been improved!

I am very tempted to mothball my original and treat myself to the new Bullworker Bow Classic. Reading the spec it looks an engineering masterpiece.

Bullworker Exercises

I even still have the Bullworker Exercise Chart. Hey, but after 30 years I know the routines off-by-heart. I've even added a few of my own.

The Bullworker is great for all the major muscles. Everyone immediately thinks of the chest, shoulders and arms. But if you are after a six pack there are great exercises for the stomach muscles.
Also, the calves and thighs aren't forgotton, neither is the back.

Original Bullworker Exercises Wall Chart

Original Bullworker Exercises Wall Chart
Original Bullworker Exercises Wall Chart

Bullworker Exercises Video 1

Bullworker Exercises Video 2

Bullworker Exercises Video 3


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    • profile image

      Toys4Kids 4 years ago

      Ebay is probably your best bet to find the original exercise chart.

    • profile image

      beings 6 years ago

      Can someone tell me when I can get the old Bullworker Exercise Chart (24 drills) ? I used to have one in the 70s and nowadays they only sell the new chart which I do not like.

      Thanks !

    • profile image

      Lloyd 7 years ago


      The video demonstrating the use of the Bullworker isometric device is very good and basic.

      A similar, but improved, device IMHO, is a hybrid called the BullyXteme. I own BOTH the Bullworker and the BullyXteme and I can verify that the "Bully," as it is affectionately called, because it "bullies" your muscles into surprisingly fast growth, is the superior quality and resistance of the two -- PLUS you get many added FREE BONUSES. [For informational purposes, it can be seen at I highly recommend it.

      The videos at can, of course, be used for BOTH. My advice: get one of the other. You'll be glad you did!