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Buprenorphine in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Forum

Updated on June 6, 2012
It's time to unveil the curtain of secrecy and support one another.
It's time to unveil the curtain of secrecy and support one another. | Source

Buprenorphine During Pregnancy & Lactation

Buprenorphine (commonly known as Subutex or Suboxone) use during pregnancy and lactation.

What is NAS? Is it safe to breastfeed on Subutex? Suboxone vs Methadone? Subutex vs Suboxone!? What do I tell my family? Are there long term effects? Is it safe to reduce my dose? How much is too much? Birth defects and birthing plans.

When a woman is using or thinking about using Buprenorphine during pregnancy, there are a thousand questions that need answering... sometimes those answers are hard to find.

In early 2011, I left my email address unguarded and online - for the whole world to see - with the hopes that these families would have a empathetic contact; someone who could point them in the right direction without frowning down on them. I also invited healthcare professionals to contact me if they were interested in being part of this support network.

It wasn't long before I was overwhelmed with emails from worried mothers and their husbands...

Subutex Babies Forum

The Subutex Babies Forum has been created as a soft place to fall. Self righteous, judgmental persons will not be welcome nor tolerated there. I wished to create a place where women can come and talk openly and honestly about their history and their future, their concerns and their dreams. To ask questions and trade experiences.

The Subutex Babies Forum is a place to share stories and rub shoulders with other people who have already walked a mile in your shoes...and those who are walking it still.

If you are, or you're thinking about using Buprenorphine during pregnancy, I'd like to extend a welcome hand to come and join us at the forum. Come and ask your questions, come and find answers, come and contribute. This forum will not exist in nine months without your contribution.

Take me to the:Subutex Babies Forum

Baby Care 101...that's NOT how you do it!
Baby Care 101...that's NOT how you do it!

A Place to Ask Questions & Compare Notes

Although Buprenorphine as been available to the public for years now, it's still a relatively new drug. Since it's less than ideal and it's certainly immoral to practise clinical drug trials on unborn children, the only information we have about using Subutex or Suboxone during pregnancy is from

  1. clinical trials on animals (such as rats and goats)
  2. from collecting data from patients (who have volunteered to share their experiences)

We've learned some interesting things about Buprenorphine over the years. For example, from gathering and comparing medical notes, we've learned that the likelihood of a Subutex baby developing NAS (Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, or withdrawals) is much smaller than that of a Methadone baby. From tests in goats, we've learned that Subutex can interfere with the lactation process and slightly reduce the quantities of breast milk being produced.

But there's still so many questions. Questions that other women might be able to answer for you. Questions that you might be able to answer for other women.

This forum does not (and should NEVER) replace the advice and care of your health care providers.

But it does give us a chance to learn from one another. I hope to see you over there in the coming weeks. For more articles and helpful resources, please follow the links below.

A penny for your thoughts...

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      3 years ago

      Hi, I was on the suboxone pragorm for almost two years, it worked wonders for me and got me to a point where I was happy with my life again. I thought I would be better off totally clean , and stopped taking suboxone. After less than a month off of suboxone a was using again. It has been 6 months now, and for the last 5 have been using self acquired methadone once a day instead. I'm getting sick of the methadone, it doesn't work like suboxone and I end up increasing my dose. This morning I got some suboxone strips and am going to use these to induce but I need advice on getting BACK into a pragorm, the main reason I stopped when I did was my doctor moved out of state. I can't do inpatient because of school and work and am having a hard time getting in to see a psychiatrist. Please help!


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