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Burn Belly Fat: The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Get Healthy and Look Great

Updated on September 3, 2010

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

If you are one of the thousands of people who would like to know the secret of eliminating of belly fat, then you are not by yourself. You arise in the morning and look into your mirror and you can observe that bulky belly staring back at you and you just hope that you had an solution to eliminating excess belly fat fast.

FACT: "There is no magic bullet, diet plan, specific food, or type of exercise that specifically targets belly fat. But the good news is belly fat is the first kind of fat you tend to lose when you lose weight," says Michael Jensen, MD, a Mayo Clinic endocrinology specialist and obesity researcher.

You may have tried everything from an assortment of diet programs to weight training machines that promised you that you will lose all of those extra weight around your belly.

Just imagine how much money you have used up over the years on all of the fads. Now there are some excellent exercises to help you shed belly fat, but just doing them alone will not get you the results that you really want unless you are extremely motivated and able to convince yourself to do them for the rest of your life.

We live in a world where everyone wants to have the ideal body, and to get the ideal body takes real commitment. But don't get too stressed out as what is really important is not so much an ideal look but rather ideal health.

For most of us as we age we find that our belly gets larger because we have less energy compared to when we were younger.  This is why shedding belly fat after the age of 50 can often be more difficult to achieve for both men and women. Women tend to feel the burden much more than their male counterparts when it comes to losing weight, a woman feels that they have to keep in tip top shape as they get older and for women getting rid of belly fat after pregnancy is really important for their self esteem.

Sure you can start to make some important inroads into getting rid of belly fat where you can begin to see some initial results and if you had considerable stomach fat to start with then you might see some very good results compared to someone with less stomach fat. One must set personal goals and not worry so much about what other people think or what someone on TV or in a Magazine looks like.  Each of use is uniquely beautiful And our bodies are ll different, the goal is health not to look a certain way. Looking a certain way is a side benefit to reducing our unsightly belly fat.

Eliminating belly fat or as we sometimes affectionately refer to our "love handles" is something that we as a society spend millions of dollars trying to acheive.  While throwing money at a problem may seem like a good solution, the reality is we continue to stack on the pounds because of our diet consisting of todays calorie dense highly processed foods.

Many women get very stressed out about the way they feel about their bodies especially when it comes around the holiday times when they have to get out the dreaded bikini which really does not fit anymore and if it does fit the belly fat has increased significantly since last year. So I emphasize with you as getting rid of belly fat can be very demanding and also very costly if you continue down the road of just purchasing the next big product that is launched.

Getting rid of belly fat naturally is achievable if you know where to go and you have the desire to stick with it so the next time you look into that mirror you will have a big smile on your face because you recognize that you look great.

One thing I get asked all the time is "what's the best exercise to lose belly fat?", so I'll answer it to the best of my knowledge right here, because more than likely there are thousands of people out there still struggling with loosing weight around there belly.

Here's the answer to your question: There is no one best exercise to lose belly fat! Because you can't "spot reduce" stored fat on any part of your body. Read that again if you must... you can not spot reduce belly fat.  You must use a combination of dietary changes and exercise to reduce your entire body fat.  Based on your own Genetic Profile you may lose fat in one place more rapidly than another.  That's just the way it is and nothing is going to change our genetics.

If you really want to lose belly fat, it is important you understand the fundamentals of how weight loss works, generally for men belly fat is the last place to go, women don't have the same problem as they tend to gain weight in a more even distribution.

What follows are important steps you'll need to follow to help you achieve terriffic results in your quest to reduce or completely eliminate your own belly fat problem.

Most people believe that in order to lose belly fat you have do repetitive sets of abs crunches, sit-ups etc. Truth is, I only work my abs every other day and even then with a max 10min workout! You do not need to perform lots of crunches to lose belly fat, you need to work your bigger muscles because they burn more calories resulting in less fat around your stomach!

Here are three simple steps to help you lose belly fat:

First you'll need to create a deficit of calories in your diet.  This means you must consume fewer calories than you burn.  You can either increase your exercise or decrease your caloric consumption.  Decreasing calories is most easily obtained by closely analyzing the foods you eat.  Substitute high calorie low nutrient foods for low calorie high nutrient foods.

Next you'll need to closely monitor your consumption of simple carbohydrates.  The body quickly processes simple carbohydrates as sugars which are rapidly stored as fat by the insulin mechanism in your body. Complex carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables are converted to fat at a slower rate than simple carbohydrates.  However you still need to watch out for all carbohydrates as they are very easy to consume in quantity and it's easy to develop a craving for them. This is why it's so much easier to eat a box of donuts than a bag of carrots and broccoli.

Start a strength training program, but remember to take your training in moderation and build your endurance as you go. By building muscle you are efficiently burning 3 times more energy than normal cardiovascular; studies have been established that 45mins of cardio will keep your metabolism working for 3-4 hours afterward. Muscle building will ignite the metabolism for up to 48hours later!  If you get into serious workouts its nice to supplement a protein drink at the end of your workout to help your body recover and build muscle.

By engaging in cardio you will also see faster results for losing belly fat! Don't be fooled into thinking that weights alone is enough.  Try cross training by walking, biking, playing tennis, soccer, or just enjoying any outdoor activity or hobby that requires you to use your body.

If you follow these three steps persistently you'll lose unsightly fat and build muscle.  What is important is that whatever plan you develop... you include activities that you love and will continue to do for the rest of your life.  Be sure to include a variety of activities that can be performed year round.  Many people get in shape over the summer then when the weather shifts they stop exercising and lose all the benefits they worked so hard to gain.  Your goal is to be healthy not appear in GQ or Vogue.  There are some people who look fantastic naturally for the rest of us a little exercise and a sound nutritional approach is the key to both health and happiness.

If you can pinch more than an inch it's time to consider exercise and dietary changes.  Some fat is normal, excess fat is unhealthy.
If you can pinch more than an inch it's time to consider exercise and dietary changes. Some fat is normal, excess fat is unhealthy.


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  • Granny's House profile image

    Granny's House 

    8 years ago from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time

    Great advice. I wish you had listed some of the foods with carbohydrates and maybe some recipes.


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