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Burn Calories Watching TV. Lose Fat And Build Muscle While You Watch Television.

Updated on April 9, 2013

Television Habits

The TV is associated with sitting, bad posture, junk food and being lazy. People spend hours sitting on a comfortable chair or couch while they watch TV. Often they become bored and start to crave junk food. Sitting still for a long time is bad for your health and so is eating junk food. Watching TV can be bad for your health but it does not need to be. You don't need to eat junk food while you watch television and you don't need to sit still.

People can look and listen while they are moving their body. They don't need to stay still to see and listen. You can change your television watching habits so it is better for you. Sitting still is one option. Another is to be active. I thought of watching less TV so I could get more done but I did not want to watch less TV. Instead I turned it from passive to active entertainment. I turn on the TV and start exercising.

I get a lot of exercise watching this TV.
I get a lot of exercise watching this TV. | Source

Forming New Habits

Watching TV is easy because it is a habit. You don't need to schedule time for it or use willpower to force yourself to watch it. For most people it is just something that they do and they spend a lot of time doing it. You can create a new habit by doing something over and over again. In most cases it can takes around a month. After that it is just something that you do like eating supper.

The problem with creating new habits is that there is going to be some conflict with your old habits. You need to stop doing something so you can do something else in its place. The new routine needs to be in your thoughts at the right time. Write down your plan and put it where you will see it at the write time. That way you will have a reminder. You could leave a reminder by the TV. Now that I changed my TV habits it would be hard for me to go back to just sitting.

Burning Calories and Losing Fat

If you exercise while you watch TV you will burn a lot more calories than if you were just sitting still. You will also probably eat less junk food. As your strength and endurance increases you will be able to increase the intensity and duration of the exercise. This will allow you to burn more calories and get rid of more fat. Losing fat and watching TV can go together. I lost fat while watching TV because I exercised while I watch TV.

Bicep muscle.
Bicep muscle. | Source

Building Muslce

You can build muscle doing weightlifting, intense cardio or even balance exercises. These types of exercises can be done while watching television. Watching TV and exercising at the same time does limit your options but there are still lots of exercises to choose from. You may want to do some of the exercises on commercials or before you turn the TV on. Doing push-ups and watching TV at the same time does not work.

Getting a Good Workout

To build muscle or lose fat you need to challenge yourself. You don't want to get caught just going through the motions. So it is important not to get too distracted by the TV. Before you turn the TV on make a plan and write or type it down. While you are watching TV and going through your routine check yourself. It takes very little time to focus on yourself long enough to make sure you are doing your best.

Good workouts are usually intense. They are not easy. If you want noticeable results then you need to pick a workout routine that will give your body a reason to change. Walking while I watch TV is not really going to do anything significant to my body. You get what yo put into it. If you don't put some effort into it then you are not going to get the results you want. It takes both time and effort.

Dumbbells I use while watching TV.
Dumbbells I use while watching TV. | Source

Barbells and dumbbells can be used while standing and lifting weight does not usually require your full attention. So watching TV should not reduce the quality of the exercise. I did dumbbell curls while watching TV to work my biceps. To work my triceps I did push ups and planks on commercials or before I turned the TV on. Shadow boxing, jumping rope, and running on the spot are some of my favorite cardio exercises to do while watching TV.

Elliptical trainer I run on while I watch TV.
Elliptical trainer I run on while I watch TV. | Source

Exercise Machines

Exercise machines like exercise bikes, treadmills, ski machines and elliptical trainers are ideal for exercising while watching TV. You look forward and stay in the same spot while moving your body. A lot of them have nice displays that provide you with feedback. You can see the speed, distance and approximately how many calories your burned. They may also allow you to change the resistance.

Before buying an exercise machine or getting one for free make sure you have a good place to put it. If you don't put the exercise machine near the TV you usually watch then you probably will not use it very often.


Wanting to get in better shape is a good goal but wanting is not enough. You need to be inspired to take action. Think of some good reasons to change your habits. I exercise while I watch TV because it reduces stress and boredom, makes me feel like I am accomplishing something and it gives me the strength and endurance I need to do things I want to do. Getting rid of fat and building muscle are nice goals but they are not really reasons to exercise. You still need a reason why you want to get rid of fat and build muscle.

I like to bike to the beach. That gives me a reason to exercise. I need strength and endurance to bike long distance. Biking is easier when I don't have extra weight and I like to look good at the beach. Those are reasons to to exercise.

Watching TV gets my body ready for beach season.
Watching TV gets my body ready for beach season. | Source


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