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Burn Tummy Flab Today- Tips and Tricks from Fitness Experts

Updated on April 1, 2010

Are you having trouble losing that stubborn tummy flab? Have you tried exercising and dieting but nothing works to eliminate that tummy flab ones and for all? If you answered yes to one or both of this questions, its time you take at look at some tips and tricks from fitness experts to get rid of that stubborn tummy flab ones and for all.

Tricks and Tips to get rid of that tummy flap ones and for all!
Fitness experts know that getting rid of that tummy flab can be quite challenging, therefore they have come up with tips and tricks, which if done rigorously, will get rid of that tummy flab.

* Stop doing those painful abdominals, aka crunches and sit-ups, to get rid of your tummy flab. They do not work. In order for you to lose tummy flab you first need to lose weight all over your body, not just your belly. If you do abdominals without losing fat first, your tummy flab will become bigger! (This occurs when muscle is form underneath the belly flab, causing it to grow.)

* Instead of abdominals do a whole body exercise routine to eliminate that unwanted tummy flab. When your exercise routine includes your entire body, you not only lose weight faster and more efficiently, but you can also say farewell do that tummy flab. (The best exercise to lose tummy flap is HIIT, aka high-intensity interval training.)

Every fitness experts knows that to effectively lose tummy flab you not only need to exercise, but also eat healthy. Therefore the tips are also recommended by fitness experts to lose tummy flab.

* Eat less saturated fat, such as burgers, fries, pizza, potato chips, ect¡­
* Eat more whole grains and less white grain. Eating less white bread, white pasta, and white rice will help eliminate that unwanted tummy flab.
* Eat foods rich in protein and fiber. Vegetables and fruits that have a lot of fiber and protein actually help you lose more calories because it takes longer for your body to digest them. (The more calories you burn, the faster you will see your tummy flab disappear.)
* If you want your tummy flab to disappear, avoid eating three hours before you actually go to sleep. (When night falls arrives, your metabolism tends to slow down, so avoid eating big meals before going to bed.)

The following trick, although easy to do, may actually take some time to get used to.
* One of the best and easier ways to get rid of that annoying tummy flab, wile practically doing nothing, is adopting a good figure wile walking or sitting. When you tuck in your belly wile waiting in line in the supermarket, you are making the muscles around your abdominal work, which means your burning calories, and eliminating that tummy flab.

Although these seven tricks and tips are recommended by fitness trainers, when it comes to eliminating that unappealing tummy flab, they are only as good as you make them. Therefore, don¡¯t just read on how to lose tummy flab, get moving and active and actually do them, that is the only way you will lose tummy flab!


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