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Burn an Extra 100 Calories Per Day

Updated on August 18, 2011

Weird ways to burn over 100 extra calories

In this fast-paced modern world, people are often hard pressed for time to actually develop a fitness and nutrition regime. Here are some everyday things that you can do to burn at least 100 extra calories every day. That's around 3000 calories per month, which is almost a pound. These things take little to no extra time or effort and can be incorporated into the daily lifestyle of pretty much anyone. This is a good first step for those considering a life style change geared towards health.

1. Drink ice water - Whenever you drink water, make sure it's as cold as possible. The colder you drink it, the more calories it burns. This is because the body requires more energy to warm up the ice and melt it into water. You can usually get around 5-10 calories out of this.

2. Fidget - Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you have to sit still, start fidgeting! Shake your leg, tap your fingers, do anything. Depending on how much you fidget, you can burn up to an extra 50 calories!

3. Chew gum - Pretty straightforward, research has shown that the average person burns around 11 calories per hour of gum chewing.

4. Dance in the shower - You're in the shower anyway, why not put on a bit of music and dance? If you shower for 10 minutes and move around a bit, depending on how rigorous you dance, you can burn around 20-50 calories.

5. Take cold showers - Just like the ice thing, your body requires energy to warm up. If you take a cold shower instead of warm you can burn around 15 calories extra in 10 minutes.

6. Eat negative calorie foods - Whenever you eat a meal or are craving a snack, eat something that has negative calories, such as lettuce, celery, or strawberries, etc... This works as a double benefit. You can probably burn around 10-15 calories by just eating these, but it also fills you so you're going to eat less of whatever else you're eating. That's another 50-100 calories! Not to mention these foods are packed with other nutritional benefits. Here is a list of things with negative calories.

7. Eat snacks more frequently - Since digestion burns calories, if you eat snacks in-between meals, or eat smaller portioned meals more often, your metabolism will be faster. Choose healthier snacks, maybe an apple or a yogurt. If you're snacking you'll probably eat less during your next meal anyway, so the calories in the snack don't necessarily have any sort of detrimental effect. This is especially true if you eat some kind of a fruit or vegetable. Digestion can burn over 100 calories as well.

8. Do 100 jumping jacks before your shower - You're going to shower anyway, who cares if you break a sweat? And it only takes a minute. Do 100 jumping jacks before your shower and burn around 10 calories. You can also do it as soon as you wake up to help you wake up and jump start your metabolism!

9. Get up during commercial breaks - Whenever you're watching TV and there's a commercial break, get up! Go to the bathroom, go for a little walk and stretch, go get a glass of water. Even something as simple as these things, assuming you get up around 4 or 5 times in an hour you can burn another 15 or so calories.

10. Sleep More - If you are sleep deprived, you'll feel sluggish all day as a result of your metabolism being slower. If you get a good nights rest, around 8 hours of sleep, your metabolism will be much faster during the day and therefore burn more calories. The numerical values are varied for this depending on a lot of factors.

11. Take the stairs - This one is pretty obvious, if there's a stairs option, take it. Even if you're going up to the 5th floor, do it. Even if you're on the 20th floor, challenge yourself one day, if you make it a routine, at least you'll be getting some sort of exercise. Assuming you take the stairs 2 or 3 times a day you'll be burning another 10-15 calories.

12. Watch comedy - Laughing burns calories. Not only that, but laughing is good for you emotionally and psychologically as well, and it helps tone your abs too! You can burn up to 40 calories by 15 minutes of laughter. For more details click here.

13. Walk with your bag - If you're going home after class or taking your lunch break or whatever, take your bag with you. Sure it's a nuisance to carry around, but having the extra weight on you burns more calories. Even if you're going for a walk as part of your daily exercise, take a bag with you to burn more calories. You can get an easy 15 extra calories by doing this, depending on how much weight you're actually carrying.

Pick and choose the ones that you can do, if you incorporate just a few of these into your daily activities burning 100 extra calories should be no problem. In fact you can even burn a lot more. As mentioned before, it takes little extra time or effort to do any of these, so you have no excuse.


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    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 6 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Interesting article. 100 calories a day equals 1 pound of weight loss in 35 days!

      If you drink 5 cups of green tea you will burn an extra 80 calories a day. With that alone and the above you can double what you burn!