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Burning Calories and Losing Weight Without Exercise

Updated on December 30, 2011

Burning calories and losing weight without exercising or going to the gym sounds crazy, but it’s not. Normal regular, everyday activities burn calories, which gives you the added benefit of losing weight. As long as your calories burned exceed the calories you take in, you will lose weight. It’s a simple, age old, medically proven formula. This regimen is perfect for those who hate to hit the gym, go on a morning jog or turn exercise into a chore. In today’s economy it’s tough to justify spending money on a health club membership or maybe your just don’t have enough time to set aside to dedicate to a workout. Family pressures and job commitments make it difficult. Don’t feel guilty any more. Get the inside of your house clean while burning calories. Do yard work and lose weight. Have fun with the kids or your partner and burn those calories. Take you normal activities to a whole new level.

The amount of calories burned during an activity is dependent on your current weight.

If you are 150 pounds and you:

Take out the trash – you will burn 43 calories for every 15 minutes of trash removal.

Mopping the floors – 61 calories burned for every 15 minutes of scrubbing.

Washing the windows – 53 per 15 minutes.

Sweeping your floors – 56 per 15 minutes.

Sweeping your patio – 68 per 15 mins.

Carrying your baby around – you will burn 60 calories for every 15 minutes you spend carrying your baby.

Changing the sheets on your bed – 43 calories in 15 minutes.

Washing your laundry – 37 calories gone in 15 minutes.

Setting the table – 14 calories per 5 minutes

Vacuuming your house – you will burn 20 calories for every 5 minutes spent cleaning.

Taking a shower – 9 per 5 minutes.

Walking up the stairs – 28 per 5 mins.

Dusting furniture – 14 calories for every 5 minutes spent dusting.

Scrubbing the bathroom – 4 calories burned per minute of scrubbing

Rake the leaves or mow the lawn and you will burn 6 calories for every minute you beautify your yard and property.

Now go out and get your hair and nails done – for every 5 minutes you spend in the stylist’s chair or at the manicurist’s table you will burn 6 calories.

These numbers are the average number of calories burned. If you increase the intensity of what you are doing you will increase the number of calories burned. No matter what you do you will burn calories. You can even play with the kids and burn calories.


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