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BurstFit Workout DVD Review

Updated on March 12, 2013
BurstFit workout DVD
BurstFit workout DVD

I have tried many workout DVDs: Yoga, Pilates, TurboFire, P90X, Insanity... All have their good points, but BurstFit is by far the easiest to fit in everyday while also providing a challenging total body workout.

Burst Training Approach

BurstFit involves high intensity interval training (or HIIT). This means that exercises are short but require a high amount of energy, then they are followed by short recovery periods. This kind of exercise jump starts your metabolism and keeps it burning for up to 48 hours later. Rather than running at a steady pace for 30-45 minutes, BurstFit requires short bursts of high intensity, which is MORE effective in burning calories and fat than workouts that are twice the duration.

The theory is that this type of exercise mimics the activity of our ancestors, who had to run quickly in short bursts when hunting animals, so our bodies are biologically built for this type of movement.

BurstFit workouts are about twenty minutes long, so they are doable for anyone! The only equipment you need are one set of 3-5 lb dumbbells. Dr. Axe recommends 2-3 lb dumbbells for women, and 4-5 lb dumbbells for men.

Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is a chiropractor from Nashville, TN, who believes in a holistic approach to health. After watching his mother suffer through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as a young boy, he decided to dedicate his life to health and educating the public. He is a proponent of clean, whole foods, burst training, and meaningful personal/spiritual relationships. Dr. Axe is a well known speaker, author, and radio host.

Check out his bio here.

(His website is also a great source of healthy recipes, products, and articles on health and wellness.)

Why I Love BurstFit

As someone who gets bored with the monotony of running for 30-45 minutes, I love this approach to exercise because it is short, but still challenging. I am tired, sweaty, and sore the next day. Because of its short duration, there really is no excuse not to do it each day.

Not only is it half the time of most workouts, but you get an even better cardiovascular and strength workout! The light dumbbells suggest an easy workout, but when you lift the weight repeatedly for a full minute, your muscles are fully fatigued, and muscle fatigue is what builds strength, not lifting super heavy weights.

There are three people in the DVDs that model three variations to each exercise. They show a beginner/low impact version, an intermediate version, and an advanced/full intensity version. You choose who to follow, depending on your fitness level and individual needs. For some exercises, I follow the intermediate person, and for others, I'll follow the beginner person for low impact. Switch it up to challenge yourself.

The advanced person is an elite level CrossFit guy. I love that by the end of each workout, he is struggling and covered in sweat. And he's only using 5 lb weights! That shows you that you don't need to lift super heavy weights to get a good workout, and that it's all about challenging yourself.

The DVD also offers nutritional advice from Dr. Axe and, bonus, a killer booty workout!

Bottom Line

I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who is looking for a quick, simple, yet challenging total body workout no matter where you are on your health and fitness journey. Check it out!

Have you ever tried burst training of any kind?

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    • cdemp11 profile image

      cdemp11 4 years ago from GA, USA

      Definitely, AC!

      Super quick, but effective and only need one set of light dumbbells! Great for moms!

    • profile image

      AC 4 years ago

      I need to try this!