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Buy Exercise Ball Online

Updated on July 6, 2011

Exercising is essential in having a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul. There are many different ways one can exercise from going to the gym, to running on a beach, to working out at home, the ways one can stimulate the body are endless.

One of the more popular ways for people to workout is to do so at home. Home workouts have seemed to become one of the latest trends lately; people of all ages, and of all backgrounds, are beginning to swear by the success they've had from home workouts (this could because of recent programs, like P90x, being such a success).

Home workouts are a good way to go for numerous reasons:

  • Don't have to pay for a gym pass.
  • Convenient.
  • Go at your own pace.
  • No pressure.

One of the main reasons people workout at home is because of how cheap it is. And it's cheap - unless you make it expensive. You need to know what home workout equipment is necessary before you go out a waste a couple ground on machines you don't need.
You probably see where I'm going with this. Exercises balls are some of the cheapest pieces of home workout equipment in the world; furthermore they are very effective, with many workouts being performed with them. big exercise ball, core exercise ball, office chair exercise ball: it doesn't matter. If you buy an exercise ball you won't be disappointed; in fact you'll want to buy more than one.


Buy Exercise Ball Online - What is the Best Exercise Ball?

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself the question, 'What kind of exercise ball do I need?' There are many different types of exercises balls that serve different kind of purposes and are for different kinds of people.

The different types are:

  • Big Exercise Ball
  • Core Exercise Ball
  • Gymnic Exercise Ball
  • Abdominal Exercise Ball
  • Small Exercise Ball
  • Exercise Ball Office Chair

Big Exercise Ball

Tall people need big exercise balls and short people need small exercise balls - it's that simple.  There are few ways for you to tell if the exercise ball you purchase is the right size for you.

  1. When you sit down on an exercise ball and your knees and hips fall almost parallel to each other, you know the exercise ball is the right size for you. 
  2. Lie on top of your exercise ball.  If you can touch the ground with your feet and hands then the exercise ball is the right fit for you. 
A big exercise ball, however, may be good even if it's too big for you.  There are many specific workouts you can do with a big exercise ball compared to a smaller exercise ball.  One workout, for example, is an ab workout where you lay on your back and put your feet on top of the ball; this is only done successfully with a big exercise ball. 

Buy Small Exercise Balls

Small Exercise Ball

Small exercise balls are great for balance, coordination and flexibility.  The biggest difference between a small exercise ball and a big exercise ball (not regarding whether you need a small or big ball) is that there a different exercises you can perform.  A small exercise ball allows you to utilize your whole body (wrapping around, lifting up, stretching) making it a nice addition to your home gym.

When looking where to buy an exercise ball keep a look out for any extras that come with the ball.  Many small exercise balls, when you make an exercise ball purchase, will come with a DVD explaining how to use it, as well as include a small workout program to follow.   This makes small exercise balls a great way to first start working out at home.

Core Exercise Ball

One of the most popular types of exercise balls is a core exercise ball (or abdominal exercise ball). These exercise balls are specifically designed for core exercises and intense abdominal training. Many home workout programs have a section that is specific to core workouts on an exercise ball.

The biggest difference with a core exercise ball, compared to a big or small exercise ball, is that is built to be more stable and be much more... 'balance-ready'. What I mean by this is that it's much tighter type of exercise ball, one that allows you to stand on, move up and down, and even throw without worry of any damage.

If you're looking to complete your home gym, I recommend buying a core exercise ball. They are, by far, one of the best exercise balls on the market.


Exercise balls make great workouts for everybody.
Exercise balls make great workouts for everybody. | Source

Best Exercise Ball - Compare the Best Exercise Balls

Now that you know the different types of exercise balls, you're probably ready to decide - if you haven't already - what the best exercise ball is for you.

I think the best way for way for you to decide is to look at a comparison of the best balls on the market. 

Best Exercise Balls

9.95 Exercise Ball
Around $10
No extra features.
Danskin Exercise Ball
Around $20
Includes Workout DVD
Gymnic Exercise Ball
Between $30 - $40
Multiple balls of different sizes


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