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The Basic Benefits found When You Buy Green Lipped Mussel ?

Updated on June 17, 2014

There are many supplement products out there on the health market and many different companies you can buy from, what I intend on doing is to explain what the green lipped mussel buy benefits are and how you can choose the right company to buy from.

Are you scrunching your face up at me and asking ‘what the heck is a green lipped mussel?’ I know, I know, it sounds a whole lot like green eggs and ham. But remember at the end of that story Sam I am yelled out “I do, I do love green eggs and ham”. You may find a similar ending here if you choose to continue.

Green Lipped Mussels are a type of shellfish. You’ve probably heard of regular old mussels and you’ve probably eaten a few if you have a taste for seafood. Well, the green lipped mussel is a type of mussel found only off of the coast of New Zealand. So now you’re either thinking ‘ooh, big whoop’ or ‘gee, I’d like to go to New Zealand’. Me too. On both counts when I first heard of this.

There is something different with this mussel. Something special. All mussels are high in protein, vitamins and minerals. But this mussel as a special combination of lipids and Omega 3’s that does something the other mussels don’t.

It helps REDUCE inflammation and relieve joint pain.

If you suffer from any sort of pain in your body, then I’ve got your attention here. Because this small shellfish, when processed properly, can help you live a pain free life. But let’s say you don’t suffer from joint pain, or bowel inflammation, or anything like that. What can this green lipped mussel do for you?

Well in it’s raw form this mussel can do a myriad of niceties for your physical system. It can improve circulation; skin, hair and nails; increase resistance to viral and bacterial infection; strenghthen bones and teeth; improve nerve cell function; and even improve fertility! But that’s only in it’s raw state.

So don’t get too excited cause it’s unlikely you’re gonna go to New Zealand and eat raw green lipped mussels until any of these benefits kick in.

Let’s get real. That means you have to find a company that has managed to capture the raw state of the green lipped mussel into a supplement form.

Do the oil capsule companies do this? No. Do any of the powder supplement companies do this. No.

So how on earth are we supposed to get the benefits of this superfood?! Well I found someone who found the perfect company.

Not only does this company follow very strict health guidelines and timelines but makes sure that every supplement they create is chock full of the benefits I mentioned above.

They know about when these mussels are at their peak and where they should be farmed from, for the highest quality. They don’t use any form of heat or freezing while processing the mussels and they process them into supplement form in under an hour of harvesting.

What?! That’s crazy you say? Yes it is. What this actually means is that there are people on this planet who really are interested in helping us with our health and providing the highest quality products without robbing us blind.

I was so grateful to learn about them and have been researching more and more on them and they have satisfied my curiosity of their legitimacy. However, I don’t expect you to take my word for it.

From there you can do your own research and find a company that lives up to the standards you have. I now demand that any supplement I take be as close to the raw living form it originated from as possible.

Needless to say, the green lipped mussel buy benefits are only worth what a company puts into the conservation of the spectacular nutrients of them. Buyers beware of imitation loud mouth companies that don’t provide a quality product.

Research green lipped mussel and from there you can find a company that supplies quality products.

So, as in the story Green eggs and Ham, I’m giving you a little bit of your own hunt to satisfy that need to ‘discover’ uncharted territory and maybe warm you up to trying some green lipped mussels yourself. I did and “I do, I do! Like Green Lipped Mussels!


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