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Buy PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“This is the best filter out there. I’ve used other filters but they don’t do it as well as PUR. I’ve never tasted better water after using this.”

“This filter has saved us lots of money. There’s no need to go out and buy expensive water when you can get it for pennies.”

"This filter really makes my tap water taste like it came from some remote mountain springs. It just takes so good. Usually there is a chlorine odor in my tap water but this filter took care of that. I get pure and clean water."

"These are great filters. It cleans out my water and I don't have to worry about drinking some contaminants. You just never know what is in the water."

Click Here to Buy PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Drinking water from water bottles can be quite expensive and also very environmental unfriendly. More and more people these days are filtering tap water instead. By filtering tap water, it can actually taste just as good as the bottled waters. Also, it costs much less than bottled water. But in order to get great taste out of your tap water, you need to change your water filter every now and then.

Since I have a PUR water filter, I always buy the PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter. This filter along with PUR’s Ultimate Water Filtration Dispenser and Pitcher is one of the best filters I’ve ever used. It really makes the water taste great. It removes all the chemicals and odors from the water such as chlorine. Some of the other things that the PUR filter can reduce are cadmium, cryptosporidium, giardia, lead, mercury, asbestos, copper, zinc, and other fine sediments. In fact, it filters these out so well that up to 99.99% are removed from the water.

I’ve used this filter for several years now and it’s always provided me with good tasting and healthy water. Since my family drinks a lot of water, this filter was worth the buy. It’s saved us hundreds of dollars a year. I definitely recommend buying PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter not only for saving money but for getting great taste out of your water.


  • Replace filters every 40 gallons for best results
  • Reduces lead and contaminants in water
  • Leaves beneficial fluoride in the water
  • For use with the Pur 2 Stage water pitchers and dispenser


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