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Buy Treadmill Online - Running Machines For Sale

Updated on July 9, 2011

Not everyone likes the gym. There's a certain kind of pressure there, where people watch you, or where you watch them. Everyone's kind of eying one another up, sub-consciously judging, or vying to be better.

At least... that's what I think. And for all intents and purposes of this article you should too.

One of the most important aspects of a workout, wherever you have it, is the cardio workout. The cardiovascular system in the body is one of the biggest and one of the most used. Lungs and heart work in tangent together so it's important to have both strong and healthy; when one is not as strong as the other is when problems start to arise.

There are many ways to do a cardio workout - from running, to jumping, to playing a sport... even something like rock climbing. But one of the best, and most popular ways, is a treadmill workout. What is a treadmill you may ask? A treadmill is a running machine in which you run but don't physically you anywhere (you may mentally if have that kind of imagination).

But I'm sure you already know that.

If you've found this article then you already know what a treadmill is. You want to buy a treadmill online; you want to know all treadmill prices, where you can find inexpensive treadmills, what the cheapest treadmill is, or if there are any refurbished treadmills for sale. Right?

You've come to the right place.


Home treadmill can be for everyone in the family.
Home treadmill can be for everyone in the family. | Source

Buying a Treadmill For Home

Have you ever said to yourself, 'I want to buy a treadmill'?  I'm sure you have but have never known where to start.  All you know is that you want find cheap treadmills for sale that have all the features and programs. 

Buying a treadmill for home can a tedious and tiresome task; you go from mall to mall, comparing prices, checking the different features, and the in the end come home empty handed.  It's important, before you go treadmill shopping, or try and do treadmill comparison, that you know what you're looking for.

The following four aspects are vital when looking to buy home treadmills:

  1. Size:  What kind of space do you have for your home treadmill?  Is it is a big home gym or are planning to place it in the corner of the family room?  Knowing the size, and the size of space you have for your treadmill, is the first step in choosing a home treadmill.  Furthermore make sure to take into account how tall the person using it will be. 
  2. Support:  Sometimes cheap treadmills for sale aren't the best treadmills to purchase (surprise?).  Many of the cheapest treadmills have weak support and you'll find that running on weak support is bad for the knees.  Also check the maximum weight - the support depends significantly on that. 
  3. Programs:  When people decide to buy treadmill online they almost always instantly think of the programs and features their home treadmill will come with.   Interval training, weight loss, high performance: those are just a few of the trademark workouts most treadmills come with.  When buying a treadmill for home compare the features as well as the price.
  4. The Extras:  When you purchase a treadmill sometimes you want it to come with some extras.  The extras could be speakers, a fan, a TV, a DVD player - even a mini-fridge. 

Inexpensive Treadmills For Sale

Cheap Treadmills For Sale

What constitutes the cheapest treadmill?  For me it's a treadmill that incorporates the four above mentioned traits and does so at a price that is less than $2000.  Anything below $1000 - if you are looking for really cheap treadmills - will be lacking features or won't have good support.  If you still want to maintain quality and longevity in your treadmill, but still want to find inexpensive treadmills, then the price range between $1000 - $2000 is for you. 

Also it's important, when buying a treadmill online, to look for any sales for discount treadmills.  You'd be surprised, especially around Christmas time, how many sales surrounding treadmills there are.  Keep your eyes peeled and, most especially, check those treadmill prices. 

Buying your treadmill online?

See results

Refurbished Treadmills

Next on the list of this treadmill buying guide is refurbished treadmills. Refurbished treadmills are unique in the treadmill family; they are, in a sense, just used treadmills, ones that have already been used times before.

Refurbished treadmills, however, are unique for a better reason. By buying a refurbished treadmill you are, in a sense, buy discount treadmills. Many refurbished treadmills have all the features that expensive treadmills have and are just slightly lower in quality; perhaps the support is a little weak or the start button is a little sticky. For all intents and purposes, though, an refurbished treadmill will work just as well a new treadmill.

If you're running a little low on cash, and one of the cheap treadmills for sale have all the features are specifications you need, then maybe you should look into refurbished treadmills. The quality is still there, as well as the price - in fact you might even get a few programs you wouldn't normally have gotten. It's a good option to keep in mind.


Treadmill Comparison

You may have gone through the above lists of treadmills for sale and come to the conclusion that you have no idea what you want and what to look for.  That's okay - I'll show you. 

Sometimes it's good to go through a detailed treadmill comparison, one that compares expensive treadmills, cheap treadmills and refurbished treadmills; it's a treadmill comparison that compares all their features, their price and any other extras they may have.

Detailed Treadmill Comparison

Treadmill Type
Over $9000
Over 30 programs, heart rate, incline - everything.
3 year warranty, speakers, room for TV ad-don.
$1000 - $2000
6 standard workouts, 2 custom workouts. LCD display
Can fold for storage
Around $2000
Around 15 programs.
Heart rate monitor.

Bestselling Treadmills


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