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Buy Yoga Blocks - Best Price and Reviews

Updated on August 31, 2013

Looking for Best Yoga blocks? Here you can buy branded Yoga Blocks avaiable online at best Price. Yoga blocks are also one of the very important accessories like yoga mats. Yoga blocks provide you more comfort when doing few standing yoga poses, in which you need to keep one hand on the floor. Buy yoga blocks which gives you more comfort while practicing yoga. This article provides points to consider before you buy yoga blocks and reviews on some of the best yoga blocks available in market.

Only products which has got very good feedback from many satisfied customers are listed here. You can oder these products from Amazon just by clicking your mouse button and get them delivered on your doorsteps.

The use of yoga Blocks can make it easier to perform some yoga poses, improves your alignment and flexibility. Yoga blocks are also helpful for some poses in which you need to sit on them and perform. You can keep your hands on the yoga blocks and use them to support you in few yoga poses like Adho Mukha Svanasan. Before you buy yoga blocks you must consider few important points like its size, material, quality, comfort, stability, weight, Edge sharpness etc.

There are a lot of varieties available in market when it comes to choosing the right yoga block to suit your needs. These blocks are available in two standard sizes 3”x6”x9” and 4”x6”x9”, Buy yoga blocks which suits well to size of your palm. These blocks may be made up of either Cork, Foam, Spring grass, Bamboo etc. Cork yoga blocks provide greater stability compared to foam yoga blocks. Foam yoga blocks are light in weight, buy foam yoga blocks if you need to carry it to your yoga school. Make sure you the block shouldn’t have sharp edges. You can find these blocks in numerous colors; buy yoga blocks which suits your mood.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block

Cork is the most preferred yoga block material for most students and teachers. Manduka Cork Yoga Block is made of 100% cork. This blocks are best suited for yoga practitioners of all levels. Cork yoga blocks offers a greater firmness compared to foam blocks. Its firmness allows you to feel secure while practicing difficult yoga poses. The cork material is also more durable compared to bamboo and foam material. You can buy Manduka cork yoga blocks for longer durability and most comfortable practices.

Hugger Mugger Bamboo Yoga Block

This is one of the eco-friendly and the best yoga block. The quality of this block is very high and durable. This product has very smooth finish which allows for a great workout. This yoga block provides very good stability for all critical poses. You can buy this yoga block for your regular practices. Bamboo yoga blocks are slightly bulkier and provide very good grip.

Hugger Mugger 4-Inch Foam Yoga Block

Hugger Mugger yoga blocks are made up of soft, comfortable foam. They are lightweight, stable and easy to transport. These blocks are available in blue, purple, and green colors. This yoga block provides best support for Iyengar, Anasura, Ashtanga, restorative and power yoga poses. It has beveled edges for extra comfort. You can buy Hugger Mugger yoga blocks if you frequently travel with your yoga kit.

Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block

These yoga blocks are made up of high density cork, which offer heavy weight for added stability. Its natural texture provides additional grip while the rounded corners provides more comfort and support during yoga poses. It is one of the best yoga block you can buy to enhance your yoga practice.

Hugger Mugger Wood Yoga Block

Hugger Mugger wood yoga blocks are hollow blocks made of Baltic Birch plywood and hand polished with eco-friendly beeswax. These yoga blocks are lighter than solid wood blocks and are exceptionally strong & stable. Its rounded edges and corners provide more comfort while using.

Read review on how a Yoga toes helps to relieve foot pain.Yoga blocks, Yoga toes and Yoga mats greatly influence on your regular yoga practices. Using a right yoga block improves your alignment and flexibility. Buy yoga blocks which provide you sufficient stability and comfort while practicing. Hope this article helped you to find a right product for you.


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