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Buy Yoga Clothing and Accessories Online

Updated on February 04, 2015

Womens Clothing for Yoga Class

There is no need to spend much money on clothing for yoga class. The most important thing is to wear loose-fitting or stretch clothing that will be comfortable and not too hot.

An ordinary t-shirt worn with jogging pants will serve for the purpose, but some people like to spend a little more and accumulate a selection of purpose-made items of clothing such as those made by prAna or Beyond Yoga - as with the examples on the right.

Choose easy-to-wash items, and items which will fold into a bag and not crease or weight too much while you carry them to class. For summer, shorts might be an alternative option to pants.

Colour of clothing is not important, so go with your own tastes. If you are just starting out and want only a few items, you might consider buy a pair of black or charcoal pants and two ot three differently coloured tops. Sometimes, mostly for display purposes, some clubs might insist on a dress code, such as all white.

Mens Clothing for Yoga Class

As mentioned in the section above about women's yoga clothes, comfort and the ability of cloth to stretch are the main issues to keep in mind when choosing clothes for yoga practise.

If you opt for shorts, make sure they're not too short, or too tight in the leg. On th eright you can see good examples of yoga shorts by Inner Waves Organics and Anjali.

T-shirts or loose cotton shirts have proven popular for years. They're easy to launder, light to carry, and all-round no-fuss items of clothing.

Many men go for plain colours, but some like to add a bright splash of some contrasting colours too. There are no fixed rules, unless your particular yoga club stipulates otherwise.

In recent years there has been an interested in men's naked yoga, which has been especially popular with gay yoga clubs. In this instance, a polite facial expression would be the only mandatory accessory.

Yoga Accessories

A slippy yoga mat can be hazardous.  Seriously, you do not want your mat to scoot out under you while you're in mid-posture, as this could result in injury.  So do make sure your mat can't skid around. 

Also, you need the mat to provide protection for your spine.  So choose a thick one, rather than skimp and buy a cheaper, thinner one, as this will make a significant difference to your enjoyment of yoga classes - as well as providing padding on hard floors.

Give some thought to hygiene, too, and clean your mat with a sterile wipe after every session.

Yoga balls - you either love them or loathe them, and while they're not traditional some people have incorporated their use into their workout routines.  Choose any colour you want - it doesn't matter at all.

Some people like to use accessories like Yoga Paws, which provide extra grip for hands and feet.  A purist might argue that if a posture was practised properly this would not be required, but that's a choice left for others to make.

Yoga Books and DVDs

Below you'll find just a small selection of the huge amount of books and DVDs about yoga which are available to buy online. 

If you are new to yoga, I strongly recommend you take lessons with a properly trained teacher.  No book or DVD can take the place of a skilled, experienced teacher who can quickly see if you're doing something wrongly.  Wrong posture can easily lead to injury.

© 2010 Adele Cosgrove-Bray


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