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Affordable, Quality Prescription Eye-wear at Zenni Optical

Updated on December 27, 2014
My new pair of glasses bought from the Zenni Optical site
My new pair of glasses bought from the Zenni Optical site | Source

Shockingly good quality at an even more shocking low price!

I have been wearing glasses since I was ten years old. I am now thirty-seven. In my lifetime I must have spent close to $5,000 or more for glasses by just keeping up with my prescriptions. As I write this article I am looking through a $55 pair of glasses I bought from zenni optical.

$55 you say? Oh my, they must be horrible? Are you ok? Do you need to borrow some money until next payday? NO! These glasses are fantastic! I am doing great! Furthermore, I can now lend you money because I saved HUNDREDS of dollars by getting them!

After years of paying between $300 and (easily) $1,000 for a single pair of glasses I have found an amazing new way of buying prescription glasses. I have realized shocking savings through the zenni optical website. The glasses I chose are very stylish and are of very good quality. I did not skimp on features either... my zenni glasses have spring hinges, they are equiped with 1.61 ultra thins which are good for my prescription strength, as well as anti-reflective coating, anti scratch coating and uv coating. For $3.95 I also opted for a clip-on sun shade for my new specs. All that for $55, this includes shipping!

Now had I gone to my old prescription glass retailer, this would have set me back at least $500.

Quality? Yes. I will go as far as saying that these are, by far, the best pair of glasses I have ever owned in my life. They fit perfectly the first time. The frame required absolutely no adjustment. I remember buying frames at the big glasses retailer and sitting for at least ten minutes while the (apparently) overpriced frames were heated and bent to fit comfortably on around my head. I have also experienced someone tell me that my head was a weird shape because the glasses needed so much adjustment!

These $55 glasses are solid, stylish, lightweight and attractive. They come delivered in a complimentary plastic case wrapped in a microfiber cleaning cloth.

I am extremely impressed at the level of quality I have received at such a shockingly low price. I would highly recommend this option to anyone who needs a new pair of glasses.

Step 1: Go see your optometrist.

You still need to get your vision tested at your optometrist.

You need to have your prescription and your pupillary distance with you when placing your order.

I also asked my optometrist what she thought about online prescription glasses retailers. She was very wary of the whole idea and questioned the quality of the glasses.

She then priced a pair of basic, no frills, glasses with no anti reflect coating for about $200. I politely declined and proceeded to try out the Zenni optical website.

Step 2: Choose your frame and lens combo at the Zenni site

Go to the Zenni Optical site and sign up. Choose your frames, and enter your prescription.

There are frames starting from $6.95. Basic lenses are free! If ultra thin index lenses are required for your prescription, or would like certain levels of tint of perhaps transitional lenses, there is a slightly higher charge.

Just to get an idea of how inexpensive it is, my $12.95 frames were fitted with 1.61 thin lenses. The anti scratch and U.V. coatings come free with every lens choice. I added the standard anti glare coating for $4.95. I also added some amber tinted clip ons for $3.95. Shipping included, I paid $55 and change.

F.Y.I.: I have what is considered to be a strong prescription and the site recommended that I choose the 1.71 lenses. The 1.61's i opted for are just fine.

Step 3: Enjoy your new glasses!

There is a two to three week waiting period before you get your glasses. Some people may balk at this but for the amount of money you are saving it's well worth the wait.

I thought this was to good to be true. I put my $55 on the line and tried it out. I was expecting some crappy low quality frames and was pleasantly surprised.

I highly recommend this site to anyone who needs or wants a new pair of glasses.

Let's do some math....

I have $200 of visioncare coverage every year with my spouse's insurance coverage. In the past this meant a $200 rebate on a $700 pair of glasses.

Now that I have found Zenni, that same $200 covers my $60 optometrist visit and leaves me $140 to buy glasses with.

$140 minus the $55 I just spent leaves me with $85. That means I could claim yet another pair of glasses with my insurance!

I think I'll head on over to the Zenni site and order up a kick-ass pair of prescription sunglasses. Now I've got some tough decisions to make, Amber or gray tinted lenses?


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