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Buy a Pedometer and Walk Your Way to Health! The Garmin Forerunner 205...One of the BEST Pedometer's on the Market!

Updated on February 26, 2010

Walking is a great way to lose weight. It is a wonderful form of exercise, especially for those individuals who do not partake in a regular exercise program. It is also great for people who, for whatever reason, do not feel comfortable going to a gym as you can walk, well, just about anywhere, anytime! Still don't believe that walking really is a popular form of exercise? Next time you are at the grocery store take a look at the covers of several magazines while you are waiting in the check-out line. I guarantee you will see headlines such as "Walk your way to fitness" or "Walk it off!"

Yes, my friends, it is true. Even a moderate activity such as brisk walking three to five times per week can help you stay healthy and lose weight. Of course, if you REALLY want to lose weight, you will need to make wise food choices as well. If you want to make walking fun, why not purchase a pedometer? A pedometer is a small device that actually counts how many steps you take per day. You simply clip the pedometer onto your waistband and walk away, literally. At the end of the day, the pedometer will tell you how many steps you took and should also convert those steps into distance (how many miles you walked). A pedometer is a great way to not only gauge how much you walk, they are also a great way to challenge yourself as you can turn walking into a game and try to top how many steps you take each day. You can even wear your pedometer to work. By doing so, you will most likely make smarter decisions such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator!


Next time, take the stairs!
Next time, take the stairs!

Track Your Progress! Buy a Pedometer!

Now there are all different types of pedometers on the market. Some are fancy and are programmed with all types of bells and whistles while others are inexpensive and pretty much do one thing...tell you how far you have walked. The Omron HJ-112 Pedometer received excellent ratings when tested by Consumer Reports. It scored very well in the accuracy category. Other pedometers that scored well were the Sportline Solo 960 which has a built in heart-rate monitor and the Garmin Forerunner 205 which is probably king of the pedometer when it comes to fancy extras. The Garmin Forerunner 205 actually allows you to download and manage your workouts on your computer. Not bad!

If you decide to start walking on a regular basis then it would be wise to invest in a good pair of walking shoes. If you don't, trust me, your feet will complain later! Timberland sells an excellent walking shoe by the name of Lionshead. This well proportioned walking shoe is ideal for walking on even, flat terrain…however, don't let that bit of information fool you! These wonderful walking shoes have enough traction to handle a walk through the woods as well. If you REALLY want to shape up your legs while walking then you should check out Skechers Shape Ups! They actually firm not only your legs but your back-side and abdominal muscles as well!

Walk for a Cure! Walk for Fun!

Walking truly is a wonderful form of exercise. I have a friend that walks nightly with her husband and she once told me that the time they spend walking together has actually brought them closer. Another friend of mine walks four days a week with several girlfriends. Not only do they get to catch up on the latest community happenings, they share stories about their children as well. If you want to walk for a cause, then by all means, become a Pink Warrior and sign up for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk. Not only will YOU burn a few calories…you will be walking for a wonderful cause…a CURE!

If you do not exercise on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to visit your doctor and get a complete physical before starting your walking program. Start off slow by walking only short distances. Once you build up some stamina…you can go on longer, faster walks. Though walking may not seem like a vigorous form of exercise, trust me, it does a body good! Now what are you waiting for…go for a walk (and take the dog while you're at it!).

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