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Buy an inexpensive digital pedometer online

Updated on September 30, 2010

Energy Balance

 When it comes to weight loss, it doesn't matter which program you choose to follow, the bottom line is that to succeed you need to burn more energy than you take in.

There are two parts to the equation. Whats going in, and whats coming out.

We diet to control the input, and we exercise to control the output.

These days counting calories is easy with many books and online resources listing just about everything it is possible to eat. This makes it simple to tally up you daily calorie intake and know what you are up against. To lose weight you need to pass this mark, on average, each day.

The hard part for anyone trying to lose weight is knowing just how much energy they burn up each day. Incidental movement adds up over the day but accurate measurement has traditionally been difficult.

Pedometers measure the number of steps taken, and using this information it is possible to determine the energy used throughout the day.

How do pedometers work?

 Although the exact mechanism differs between products, pedometers contain a motion sensitive electronic switch that activates a digital counter. This measures the number of steps taken. They are usually worn around the waist line and some models offer additional features such as converting the steps to distance travelled or calories burnt off.

Many health guidelines recommend that we walk 10,000 steps per day. Depending on height, this works out at roughly 5 miles.

When wearing a pedomter for the first time, many users are horrified to find how far short of this mark they travel on their average day. When first confronted with a step count of 2,500, the natural reaction is: "No wonder I've put on so much weight!"

Popular Pedometers


Omron HJ 112 Pedometer

 Automatically included in any pedometer list  is the Omron HJ 112. This pedometer has everything the average user needs and is inexpensive.

Its features include:

  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Converts to calories burned and distance travelled
  • Dual sensors mean it doesn't need to be worn on the belt. Keep it in your pocket or bag
  • Also measures aerobic steps after 10 minutes of continuous walking at > 60 steps / min

All this on a product with a 1 year warranty that can usually be picked up for less than $30

Oregon Scientific Pedometer

Oregon Scientific Pedometer with PC download

 Boasting similar features to the Omron HJ 112, this offering by Oregon Scientific also allows the data from the pedometer to be downloaded to your PC.

It stores up to 1 weeks worth of data on the pedometer itself and allows you to set a daily target and then offer a count down feature.

A little more expensive but the download feature is appealing to anyone serious about a long term weight loss plan.

The Sportline 775

Sportline Analog Heart Rate Monitor Watch

 This very handy bit of kit combines a watch with a strapless heart rate monitor and a pedometer. This gives you all the information you need to be serious about a fitness or weight loss program.

Waterproof to 100m, this is a pedometer you never need to take off.

Omron HJ 112


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