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Buying Socks for Someone with Diabetes

Updated on September 15, 2012


I do not like to wear socks. As soon as the weather permits, they are banished from my wardrobe, not to return until the weather demands. This works out to about 10 sock less, joyful weeks.

What is behind my dislike of socks? Well for one thing, finding comfortable and affordable socks is a challenge. Often, even when expensive, the socks are too tight or too long.

Too long socks bunch up in my shoes and hurt my feet.

Too tight socks cut the blood circulation to my feet, and this is not desirable under normal conditions and unhealthy and possibly dangerous for anyone who has diabetes.

Now, not wearing socks when you have diabetes is considered a no-no. When you go barefoot you increase the possibility of getting cuts on your feet and even a small cut that goes untreated can have disastrous consequences. If you cannot feel the cut, and do not detect it in time, you may lose a leg.

I do have a pair of lambs wool slippers I wear when walking around the house but they come off as soon as I sit down.

I only go barefoot inside, outside I wear a good pair of walking sandals. The sidewalks and green spaces of our world are not safe for bare feet.

Years back I bought socks at as low a price I could get, after all they are just sock so why not safe money. Foot care is why not.

Now, I look for a good quality sock with a cushiony bottom and a pair that are not too tight at the top. This can be a difficult combination to find in a regular sock. So I now purchase sock deigned for people who have diabetes.

I find my feet hurt less when I do wear them so that is a big plus.

I did a little research looking for some guidelines and found that some suggest wearing white socks only, I never did find out why. For me that is not going to happen. Some suggested cotton or wool, other nylon. I prefer a combo. The socks I wear are 88% cotton, 10% polyester and 2% elastic. They stay up which is a must; they are padded on the bottom, important and they are black, my choice.

You can check with your doctor before buying them, it won’t hurt. Just remember comfort is the key and proper socks will make a difference.

Taking care of your feet is part of your diabetes management routine and the proper socks will help you do that, so consider purchasing at pair and finding out for yourself.

socks for people with diabetes

Bought at local Pharmacy, 3 pack for $9.99 Bob Ewing photo
Bought at local Pharmacy, 3 pack for $9.99 Bob Ewing photo
Bob Ewing photo
Bob Ewing photo


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  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

    You are welcome, socks are important as are feet. Thanks for dropping by.

  • myawn profile image

    myawn 8 years ago from Florida

    Good hub about socks my feet swell and hurt I guess I should get some better quality socks maybe they'ed help. I learned a lot from this hub Thanks!

  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

    Thanks, glad it helped. Good luck on your sock hunt. :-)Thanks for dropping by.

  • Wealthmadehealthy profile image

    Wealthmadehealthy 8 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

    What a godsend this hub is...My feet recently started to hurt and I discovered (and should have known) that it is my socks which are causing the seems that they shrink when washed and are therefore squashing my feet inside of my shoes...Tho I am not a diabetic, I think I will research this type of sock....Having had a wreck in my younger years and lost a lot of bone in one leg mandates (yuuuuk) me wearing shoes at all times...I too prefer the barefoot happy feet, but alas, am unable to be this way at all anymore.....Thank you for this informative hub about socks!!! Have a wonderful day!!!