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Convenient to Buy Vitamins Online!

Updated on July 23, 2013

Buying Vitamins Online

Buying your vitamins online is a convenient way to ensure that you meet your daily requirements.

Not only do you get access to the different supplements you need without leaving your home, you can also learn more about the latest medical updates regarding your vitamins and supplements. However, not every site offers safe, reliable vitamin supplements and not every vitamin product sold on the internet is good for your health.

If you want to know how to protect yourself while buying vitamins online, here are things you can do:

Find out who runs the site.

There are run-of-the-mill sites that sell vitamins online that promise miracles and instant cures.

Go to sites of government or medical organizations and search these sites for directories of reputable vitamin suppliers. You'll get more accurate information from the sites sourced by qualified professionals and experts in the field of medicine.

If product literature is provided, find out who the source and references are.

Vitamin manufacturers often include a description of their product along with testimonials and other information to make it more attractive to consumers. Learn to distinguish genuine scientific information from hype.

If there is an ingredient included in a product that you've never heard of before, do some research.

If the advertisement mentions studies, it should be able to show the specific information about that particular study, where and when it was conducted and who performed the research.

This way, you can corroborate the information.

Buying Vitamins Online - Be wary of too many promises.

You should be able to get in touch with the manufacturer.

If you have questions about the vitamins you've purchased, you should be able to talk to the manufacturer or at least to the customer service and be satisfied.

It is their responsibility as a manufacturer to provide you with information and advice when you need it.

Check their return and refund policy as well. If you're unsatisfied with their product, you should be able to get your money back.

Be wary of too many promises.

Even vitamins have their limits so when you buy online, be careful about exaggerated claims.

Some studies can be deceptively complex and clever copywriters can twist published findings to their advantage, especially when medical terms are used.

You might also encounter testimonials and endorsements from people with dubious training in medicine or nutrition. The internet is awash with misleading information, so be very careful.

The internet can be a very important tool to help you establish a healthy lifestyle, provided you know what to look for. Practice prudence and common sense, especially when buying vitamins online.

A Closer Resourceful Look on Vitamin A

Vitamin A is the generic term for compounds that are related to one another.

Take for example Retinol and retinal. The former is an alcohol and the latter is an aldehyde. However, both are preformed kinds of Vitamin A.

Retinal is converted to retinoic acid by the body. This is a kind of Vitamin A that affects the gene transcription.

Retinol, retinal and retinoic acids are compounds that are related to one another. The beta-carotene and the carotenoids are converted in the body through retinol and are called the pro-vitamin A carotenoids.

The function of Vitamin A in the body is the effect it has on the individuals sight. Retina is found at the back of the eyes. Whenever light goes through the lens, the retina senses this and converts it to the nerves which is interpreted by the brain.

Retinol is later transported to the retina through the circulation. Here it moves into the retinal pigment that is the epithelial cells.

Retinol is then esteried and becomes a retinyl ester which is stored. Whenever the eyes need retinyl esters, these are broken apart and then isomerized in order to form an oxidized Vitamin A.

Retinal is then shuttled through the interphotoreceptor that is the rod cells. It binds to the protein that is called opsin in order to formulate the visual pigment that is known as the rhodopsin. The rod cells detect the light, even in small amounts, making it necessary for night vision.

The isomerization process then triggers a cascade of events that lead to the generation of the electric signal through the optic nerve. These impulses are generated by the optic nerve which conveys it to the brain.

This is the whole explanation to why we see what we see. This is the whole vision process.

Once these are released by the retinal and converted to retinol, the interphotoreceptor matrix in the retina completes the whole visual cycle. This whole procedure is made easier when the person has an adequate intake of Vitamin A.

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Further news about Vitamin A

The whole point of Vitamin A is that the retinoic acid and the isomers serve as the hormones which affect the genes that influence the physiological process of ones vision.

The retinols and retinoic acid proteins all contribute to the cell bound of the retinoic binding proteins.

Within this whole nucleus setting are the receptors which bind all these regions to the retinoic acid response elements or the RARE. Here the dimmer is the complex mixture of two protein molecules.

Vitamin A is also an anti-infective vitamin because it requires the normal functioning of the individuals immune system in order to accommodate the cells located in the skin and the mucus lining as much as possible. The digestive and urinary tract sometimes function as an obstacle and form the first line when it comes to defending the body against infection.

The retinoic acid and Vitamin A play central roles in developing white blood cells. These are critical roles in the response of the individual to lurking diseases. The regulatory cells in the immune system require the RA binding of Vitamin A.

Once fully grown and developed, the Vitamin A in the body may either be excess or lacking. Whatever the scenario, this may lead to complications, therefore the Vitamin A intake must just be the right amount in order to prevent birth defects.

The metabolites in the retinol usually require the integrity and well functioning of the cells in the body in order to become the central operating system in the differentiation and development of the white blood cells in the body.

Vitamin A interacts with other nutrients. For example, the interaction between Vitamin A and zinc is said to be interfering with the metabolism since zinc results to the decrease of synthetic binding in the retinol. This transports retinol into the tissues instead of the circulatory system.

Another interaction is that of Vitamin A with Iron. When this happens, Vitamin A exacerbates iron which leads to anemia.

The supplementation must be beneficial on iron as well as Vitamin A in order to improve the status of the individual especially that of children as well as pregnant women.

Liquid Vitamin Supplements

Most people do not realise that the body can absorb the nutrients from liquid vitamin supplements easier than from tablets.

It is estimated that liquid vitamin supplements are actually absorbed at least five times better than regular vitamin pills. Of course, there are many other benefits that liquid vitamin supplements have over pills.

For example, the liquid vitamin supplements are easier to swallow. This alone makes liquid vitamin supplements preferable to pills, especially for children and anyone else who has trouble taking pills of any type.

Young children are often unable to gather sufficient nutrients from the foods that they eat but it is almost impossible for them to take vitamin supplements in pill form.

Liquid vitamin supplements are ideal because they can be given by a dropper, straight into the child’s mouth or even added to their regular bottle of water or juice to ensure that they receive all of the vitamins that they need to grow.

For exactly the same reason, liquid vitamin supplements are perfect for anyone who is unwell and not able to eat properly.

Despite the best efforts of most people it is likely that most are not getting sufficient vitamins and minerals from their diet and that is where liquid vitamin supplements are beneficial.

The vitamins in many common pill supplements are actually packed too densely. This leads to a lot of the vitamins not being broken down and absorbed as they should do whereas liquid vitamin supplements do not have the same problem.

The body is therefore able to absorb far more of the nutritional value from liquid vitamin supplements than it can from those in the traditional pill form. In fact, the body only absorbs about 10-20% of the nutrients from vitamin pills compared to around 80-90% that it can absorb from liquid vitamin supplements.

Another benefit of liquid vitamin supplements is that they often contain more than one type of vitamin and other nutrients. Vitamin pills traditionally contain only one which means that you are going to have to take a whole handful of vitamin pills to get the same benefits as you do from many of the liquid vitamin supplements.

Liquid vitamin supplements offer far more convenience and effectiveness for supplying the body with the vitamins that it needs. The cost of buying the equivalent number of vitamin pills to obtain the same results is also far more than that of liquid vitamin supplements.

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