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Buying a Shower Filter - 5 Things Everyone Should Know

Updated on February 9, 2012
Enjoying filtered shower
Enjoying filtered shower

The enormous popularity of shower water filters continues to rise sharply as everything from psoriasis and dandruff to cancer and chronic respiratory conditions have been linked to the accumulation of chlorination by-products in our bodies.

"Filtering the water you shower in is as important or more so than filtering drinking water..." - Dr. Julian Whitaker

Below you will find two great videos about the benefits of the Aquasana Shower Filter and how it works.

Video of How a Two-Stage Shower Filter Works and Is Installed

Here are 5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Shower Filter:

1. The Latest Scientific Findings About Chemicals

In our modern world, with over 75,000 chemicals floating around, it's simply too risky not to filter chlorine and other contaminants out of the water you shower in.

  • One geological study in Southern California discovered that the groundwater contained traces of nearly 40 industrial chemicals and 20 pesticides!
  • The Ralph Nader Research Institute found that there are more than 2,100 cancer-causing chemicals in tap water.
  • It's been proven that all public water systems contain some level of at least one unhealthy chemical.

2. Showering in Unfiltered Water May Be Worse Than Drinking It

Many people don't realize that the steam from a shower contains up to 20 times the level of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals as the tap water you drink.

  • The American Journal of Public Health linked chlorine to "significant increases in certain types of cancer, asthma and skin irritations" and determined that "up to two-thirds of the harmful exposure was due to skin absorption and inhalation of chlorine in shower water."
  • Researchers at Rutgers University found that during a 10-minute shower, we take in the same levels of chloroform (a toxic by-product of chlorine) as we get from drinking 2 liters of tap water.

Two-Stage Shower Filter

3. Cutting Edge Water Filtration Technology

Technology keeps making shower filtration devices cheaper and more effective. As society adds more and more chemicals each year, you absolutely need a two-stage shower filter if you want to filter out them out of your water supply. Shower systems like Paragon use a single KDF filter. ShowerWise relies on a combination of KDF and Chlorgon.

Neither one benefits from a high-end carbonized coconut filter that a two-stage filter like the Aquasana Pure Shower Filter uses. The system combines its carbon filter with KDF technology for more contaminant removal power. It is extremely effective at removing SOCs (Synthetic Organic Chemicals) and VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals).

4. Cost, Cost, Cost

When compared to 5 top shower filter brands, Aquasana was found to have the lowest initial cost at $67.99 and the lowest monthly cost at only $7.00. That group of shower filters included two single shower systems that still cost more money. As for performance, Aquasana's AQ-4100 filtration record is impressive across the board. It filtered out over 90% of all chlorine, VOCs, and THMS, while reducing more than 70% of copper and lead.

5. Service Track Record and Industry Recognition

Out of the top five brands in a comparison and review of shower filters, only Aquasana and Jonathan Beauty have earned the prestigious Consumers Digest Magazine's "Best Buy" award. However, the Aquasana shower filter has won the award for the last 3 years straight (2007-2009). Industry awards are a good way to know if the company and its parts are backed up by high manufacturing and quality standards.

One other thing to be aware of is the information about a shower water filter's warranty and guarantee. For example, the Jonathan Beauty shower filter webpage does not mention a shower filter warranty or guarantee. The company's terms and conditions are located on a different page than the actual product. While an unconditional money-back guarantee is offered, there are no details, including how long it lasts.

Aquasana is a different story because it has: been around more than 15 years in the home water treatment industry; more than 17 patents; sold over 9 million products; a 60-day guarantee (90 for certain products); and a lifetime warranty when you join their free "Water 4 Life" auto-ship program.

You've learned some good reasons why you need a shower filter, but there's a few more things to consider...


In closing, if you feel your health is at risk from the water coming out of your faucets, then it is vital that you treat what is coming out of your showerheads as dangerous. One of the final things you should do before purchasing a shower filter is look at performance documentation to see exactly what chemicals are removed and by what amount.

Use what you've learned from this hub and the link below to choose a high-quality shower water filter for you and your family.


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    • profile image

      Sugar Xyler 2 years ago

      ~ Did you know hard water deposits can build up in your navel ?

    • profile image

      mr man 2 years ago

      David Thimme is the owner of Aquasana... yay unbiased.

    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK

      One learns something new every day :-)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Interesting! This opens up other avenues of thought as to hwo to protect oneself against the many chemicals surrounding us today. Thanks!

    • profile image

      David 7 years ago

      Thanks so much for the feedback Cathi. I put a lot of time into my hubs and I really am glad when they help people.

    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 7 years ago

      Great Hub! Great information. I appreciate this Hub very much!