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Updated on May 6, 2012


My recent Hub, showing that 54% of UK Doctors are now supportive of more stringent measures to combat the further spread of Obesity and deal with those who continuously refuse to deal with their own problem despite Medical advice, has fitted in seamlessly with a mounting tide of realisation that perhaps the current dangers caused by this mounting problem are but the tip of a greater iceberg to come.

However, true to form, one group stridently shouts "FOUL" against any efforts to deal with these matters, completely ignoring the fact that they pose, even above smoking and alcohol excesses, the greatest threat to the Health Service in this Country. That group, it will come as no surprise to anyone with more than one brain cell, is the Sisterhood and their High Priestesses in particular. As ever, the outriders of feminism hypocritically, hide their true obsessions behind the skirts of caring for the younger females. As ever, they scream that any attempt to deal with obesity will inevitably give rise to increases in diseases such as anorexia in girls and young women especially.

Now, I have had experience of trying to help, many years ago, a young lady who was affected in this way and as such, understand the distress that it causes. I also understand that the chief causes of such diseases are self perception of their own image by the afflicted who see themselves not clearly but through heavily distorted mirrors. There seems little doubt that many sufferers ,especially in girls and young women fall victim to this problem by trying to make themselves in their own eyes like the supposed role models that shout at them from all quarters of their lives and from all branches of the media. Let no one underestimate that this is a problem that is escalating but in all reality it is not related to the problems that society faces from obesity.

The current campaign being mounted in many quarters to fight obesity must not be undermined by hysterical claims from those with different axes to grind. Kicking up a storm against obesity, as with all things, means some will get sand in their eyes. So be it for the greater good. At the same time if reason is applied it will be easily apparent that combating obesity, far from increasing likelihood of anorexic disorders, can actually mitigate against them. Mind you do not expect the sisterhood to take that in for why apply intellect when you can pour out emotion mixed well with vitriol.


This whole problem, ignoring those who cannot or will not, listen has to be tackled head on as soon as possible on all fronts if we are not to reap a truly grim harvest not too far in the future.

The actions of GP"s in coming out against Obesity is fine, but they need a clear policy to follow from their peers. I know it goes against the grain and the very ideals of a free at point of need Health Service as we enjoy here now. However, if obesity related ailments continue to escalate at the current rate, the time will soon come when that Service is not available to sufferers of many other diseases as obesity related matters will have used up all the time and funds available. Thus, short term pain, for some is needed to provide longer term gain for the majority. In my last Hub, I outlined some steps to deal with the problem and whilst some could certainly be classified as severe ,even draconian, only the sisterhood seems to object.

In other areas also, suggestions to deal with the problem in the longer term begin to surface. The Chef ,Jaimie Oliver and the potential England Soccer Captain, Steven Gerrard, have joined forces to urge that Schools, once again put food, food preparation and cooking skills back on the curriculum. I recall when I was training to be a Teacher, that in the next town there was a whole College, preparing teachers to teach Domestic Science in schools. Such Colleges, like the very subject have been all but erased from our education system and we face as a result, a future of girls, let alone boys not having any clue as to balanced diet, food preparation and cooking. It is thus no wonder that "fast food outlets" continue to mushroom all around us. There is a place for them, but not for everyday use as many now do.

The sisterhood must take much blame for this as they regarded Domestic Science as sexist because it was chiefly a girl subject. Woodwork for boys also seems to have suffered in like way. Thus it is now left to parents to teach these practical subjects to their children. However we now have a body of parents who were not so assisted because their parents could neither cook or use a plane. As a result ,no one now is available to point the young in these important areas of life.

As a person who enjoys cooking ,as a mere male, I have a basic, very basic , understanding of matters involved and, thanks to TV and Internet, can produce edible, variable and balanced meals. Why this cannot be given a foundation in Schools is beyond me. Sensibility has overturned sense I feel

Finally, and once more reiterating that I fully understand the horrible nature of anorexia and related diseases, I have to say that whilst they will not bring down the National Health Service, obesity and the related ailments it brings surely will. Bottom line therefore has to be that whilst everything that can be done to prevent anorexia etc. in the final analysis the core emphasis must be on reducing and eventually eliminating obesity. To do that may see some neglect in the short term in treatment for other ailments but sadly, that is hoe the cookie crumbles in life.

Above all, what must not be heeded or allowed to distract from purpose, as those howls, chiefly from the sisterhood, generally without any medical foundation, to do nothing lest it encourages the vulnerable to become anorexic. Standing by and doing nothing allows evil to triumph over good. I n the case of Obesity this i9s the graphic image that needs to be portrayed, namely that Obesity is an evil. Those who wish to divest themselves of it, should be given all medical and practical help within a strict time limit. If they progress, then further help should be provided. If they do not ,or regress, then they must pay for any treatment required as they have self inflicted despite receiving best help. Everyone is entitled to paddle their own canoe, but in taking that authority, the responsibility that goes with it must also be taken on board. Far too many of the obese demand the former but will not accept the latter. That is not right or sense and sense is what is needed to solve this problem. Sisterhood please note.


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