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Updated on October 8, 2012


Let me be totally honest from the outset and say my personal view on vitamin supplements is that in 99.9% of cases, they are of little or no value to the person taking them. I say this, knowing full well that my view would be loudly challenged by the worldwide industry that has sprung up since the end of the 1960"s to be now a 50 year phenomena. Even so, I contend that most of the potions and tablets consumed daily worldwide are as much use to the consumer as a tablet of chalk.

The rise in interest in personal health and well being has seen a veritable mushrooming of outlets in the High Streets and online for every imaginable vitamin and combinations of them throughout certainly, the western world. Regardless of the dangers arising from obesity etc. the mantra seems to be "Take a vitamin each day and all will be well"

The discerning reader will thus glean from the above, that I am not at all persuaded by the championing of vitamins as a catch all remedy to problems of human health and conditioning. So, you may ask, why do I choose to write on the topic at all. My simple reason is, that whatever the view one has on anything, it must be done so with an open mind and with a willingness to consider contrasting points, as and when they arise and can be proven to be worthy of such consideration. I may, indeed am, sceptical about all claims made by the providers of this industry but remain open to sensible argument sustained by facts proven by research .


The discerning reader by now, will suspect that I have had something of a "Road to Damascus" moment, and indeed, to a fair extent that is true. I have recently been advised that by taking a multivitamin tablet daily, there is at least a good chance of aiding memory activity and conversely, slowing down potential mental faculty decline.

Currently, my wife"s father is showing signs of dementia along with his prostate cancer . Having lost her mother 3 years ago, a victim of Alzheimer's Disease, we are naturally alive to anything relating to these matters. Thus, news that research has suggested that multivitamin supplements can have beneficial effects by increasing the efficiency of the brain cells.


Australian Universities Monash and Swinbourne , using differing subjects showed that multivitamin users exhibited better ability in recall and information, whilst confirming the increased electricity factor. The reasons for this is considered now to be It is considered that the reason for improvement is likely to be increased nerve cell efficiency and improved memory function. In England, at Northumbria University, whilst urging caution on these findings, it was agreed that to get optimum brain function an adequate supply of ALL vitamins is necessary and that as a result, multivitamins may well be best to take bearing in mind that different people have different deficiencies.

It therefore seems logical to me to consult a medical practitioner and, if there are no objections raised to taking them, to do so and judge for yourself. By doing so of course you will be swelling the trade in vitamins that is already standing at £140 million annually in the UK. The case for multivitamins in memory boosting has yet to be made certain, but what is for sure is that the human body does need vitamins to function. In fact, fully 13 vitamins are required to maintain health.

Vitamins A, C, D, E and K plus the 8 B vitamins all have specific roles to play. C keeps cells healthy, D regulates calcium, E keeps cell structure , and the B"s undertake considerable functions. Currently I take Folic Acid, one of the B "s following chemotherapy. It should however be stressed that, in normal circumstances all vitamins required are to be found in a healthy, balanced diet and that taking vitamins on a whim is to be discouraged.

Meanwhile, let us take heart from the current findings and hope that further work will confirm current research and assist us in defeating the horrible illnesses that afflict far too many in their twilight years.


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