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CBD Oil Days 3 through 9

Updated on March 28, 2018
Crystal Bennett profile image

Crystal is a Christian, Wife, Mother, Novelist, and former Behavior Specialist with an education in History and Religious Studies.

Miracle In a Bottle?

The results are amazing!

Day 3

I want to start by saying I have not had as much as a Tylenol or Advil since starting the CBD Oil. Not a single one. That's astounding when you consider that I've been taking them at least twice a day for about two years for one pain or another. I've also gone headache-free since starting the CBD oil. That's three days so far. I can't recall the last time I went more than two consecutive days without a headache. Hot flashes are down to one or two a night, mood swings are gone, depression is gone, and my energy is making a gradual comeback.

This is truly amazing me and I am not easily amazed. I am not easily impressed, and I am most definitely not easily convinced when it comes to alternative medicine. But this... this CBD Oil… is astounding me. My blood pressure was 113/70 when I took it last night. I actually, honestly feel better. I do. I know it sounds impossible - "Here, put a few drops of this oil under your tongue and you'll feel better" - but that's exactly what's happening. I'm in. I'm going for the full-size bottle and the regimen. I'm ready to take control of my health and my life. I'm done being pain's biotch.

Day 4

I don't randomly fall asleep during the day anymore. I can walk better, with less pain. My mood is stable, I feel good, my head is clear. Restless leg syndrome is no longer an issue. Even when something comes up that frustrates me and would normally send me into an emotional meltdown; I'm at a normal and acceptable level of frustration that isn't clouded by emotion. I'm able to work through it and recover quickly without yelling at anyone around me. I'm not saying I'm the perfect wife, but I've only yelled at my husband once in four days. That's pretty amazing considering how annoying he is, ha-ha!

Hot flashes do still happen, but not to the extent, frequency or severity as before. I am not as easily agitated and I'm beginning to wonder just how difficult I was to live with before this stuff came along.

Day 5

My youngest son, whom I will refer to as “Michael” for the sake of his privacy, decided he wanted to try CBD Oil too, but for different reasons. We have both read a great deal of positive information regarding the effects of CBD Oil on Autism, so since Michael is almost 20 years old and high-functioning autistic, I discussed the matter with him fully and agreed to let him try it as well.

Michael no longer has the tough behaviors of many autistic people, (he has come a LONG way since childhood!) so I'm not expecting to see a miracle there, but he does have some anxiety and sometimes has difficulty processing certain situations. In other words, he occasionally fixates on a situation or problem he may be having and it can take quite awhile and a lot of conversation between us to work through his fears or concerns or even sometimes mild hostility regarding the situations. I think that will be where we may see some calming effects of the oil and with regards to his anxiety as well.

Another thing I'm hoping to see for Michael is a reduction in his heart rate, which, according to the doctor, is too fast. They've tested him for every possible physical problem, even going so far as to hook him up to a heart monitor for twenty-four hours, tons of blood tests, EKG’s, chest x-rays, and they have found nothing wrong. His doctor says he's healthy as a horse, it's just that his heart rate is really high at over 100 bpm on a normal day, so... I'm hoping the oil will help regulate and get it to a normal level.

My concern is that the usual quickness may cause problems in the future. Regarding my son's results: I will be reporting back on his development once some time has passed and I can compile the data I will be tracking. Fortunately, as a former Behavior Specialist who worked with many Autistic people, I know what to look for and how to analyze it. Since he lives at home, I am here with him 24/7 and will be monitoring every aspect of this.

I want to stress that my son does have the cognitive ability and function to know exactly what's going on and is not only doing this voluntarily but has done his own research in addition to my own and read several studies on his own. He is totally verbal and is in no way being pushed or coerced into taking the CBD Oil. If he doesn't want it, he doesn't have to take it - period. Once again, he is a legal adult and can do as he pleases within the laws which govern us all, and CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states and does not have THC, so it DOES NOT produce a high. It is also non-addictive.

Day 6

I decided not to take the oil just to see how I would do without it overnight. Last night, I had a couple bad dreams and I don't know if that had anything to do with the CBD Oil or not, but my guess is not because I've had nightmares off and on since I was a kid. We’ll see how it goes, but I can already tell not using the CBD Oil is having a negative impact on my hot flashes, so this should be interesting.

Day 7

Okay, so having tried going without the drops to see what would happen proved to be highly enlightening. Here are last night and this morning’s results:

- Hot flashes all night, just like before the drops. Not cool. Get it? Not cool? Ha-ha… ahem...

- Tossing and turning just like before.

- Restless Leg Syndrome - back and annoying as ever.

- Woke at 5 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep - same as before the drops.

- Woke with a stiff neck and headache - like before the drops.

- Mood - grouchy like before.

So it's safe to say the CBD Oil has some very positive effects on my body and when I don't use them things go back to the way they have been these past couple years. This morning I am back on the drops and will continue to use them.

Here’s an interesting development worth noting; I've had a couple sebaceous cysts for several years, and have never had any success treating them no matter what kind antibiotics the doctor has given me. Since I started using the CBD Oil, they have almost completely vanished. This is highly significant because there has literally been NO CHANGE in these in all the years they've been there, and now, all of a sudden since starting the CBD Oil, they're nearly gone. That's truly physical proof of the wonders of CBD Oil. Not just something I think or feel, but actual, visual and tactile PROOF that this stuff really does work!

Day 8

My blood pressure is consistently around 113/70 – resting heart rate around 55 – 60. I have less pain in my body, my ankle seems to have lessened a bit as well, but I honestly don’t expect to see much there since it’s a bone-on-bone situation with that, and there’s just nothing that can be done to change that short of a good surgeon. I have more energy, I sleep well, and I am able to really focus on tasks much better than before using the oil.

Other than the morning after skipping the CBD Oil, I have not had any headaches. I have not had a single anxiety attack since starting the CBD Oil, and interestingly, I am being faced with a major change in my personal life which would normally bring about an anxiety attack. My husband’s schedule is changing dramatically and we will all be making major changes to accommodate that. So far, not one anxiety attack, but I’ll be getting back to you on that later, as it goes into full swing tonight.

On Michael: His heart rate is down to 85 bpm, which is AWESOME compared to the 100+ bpm resting heart rate he has been living with thus far! He is also becoming more social and spending less time alone in his room, which is absolutely fantastic since I’ve always had a hard time getting him to come out and spend time socializing. One of my older sons and his girlfriend came for a visit on Sunday and Michael was much more social than usual. I also notice he is smiling much more, and he tells me he is sleeping well and feels great already.

More on Michael later… Stay Tuned…

*Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before trying any medication or method of treatment for any and all symptoms and/or conditions of any kind. C.A. Bennett is not in any way associated with the medical or pharmaceutical communities or any cannabis grower, manufacturer or distributor and does not claim to know the best treatment for any medical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical or other conditions implied or otherwise and does not advocate the use of any medication or method whatsoever. The experiences in this article are the single and sole experiences of C.A. Bennett and should not be taken as advice for any living being, human or otherwise. C.A. Bennett is not responsible for interpretation of, or practice of, any or all information herein.*

© 2018 C A Bennett


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    • profile image

      Bill M 

      11 months ago

      Interesting oil. I need to read more about it.


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